Thursday: A League of Their Own

One workday left... It's Thursday, ladies and gents!

The most important vote of the HJC Calendar year is about to close, get your COTY Final votes in before noon tomorrow and check back in on Saturday to see if Ryan or Jake will take home ultimate HJC Glory. (SIDE NOTE: Ryan has the chance to become the first HJC staff member to win COTY since its inception)

Regular Season Entries are due tomorrow at noon. After much deliberation and late adjustments, I sent mine in this afternoon and advise you to follow suit. As important as points in the standings are, nobody likes a bye-week. So don't be the guy to give others one...

As usual don't forget our weekly COTW vote ending tomorrow at noon.

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We've got 4 concepts from 4 different league's today
Let's get crackin'!

Ben S.- Carolina Hurricanes
The Good: 
  • Ben continues his Thirds series with a fresh new look for the hurricanes
  • Angled chest stripe looks great here
The Bad:
  • Double outline on the numbers looks alright, but creates an odd look in between them with only the interior white stripe  peeking through
  • Bold white hem stripe and collar create a bit of a disconnect with the rest of the striping
  • I understand the arm striping following the angle of the chest stripe, but having one arm slant down from the TV numbers and the other slant up towards them rubs me the wrong way
The Ugly (Execution Issues):
  • Helmet numbers are still too low. 
  • NOB needs to be above #OB to keep in line with NHL rules
Overall Rating: 7.75/10
A clean look for the 'Canes, but a couple small details and execution errors bring it down in my book.

Jeff T.- Philadelphia Eagles
The Good: 
  • Love to see crossover concepts, really freshens up the blog with some new looks
  • Eagles logo on the shoulder and TV numbers on the shoulders are a great tie-in to the Eagles' uniforms and look just as good here
  • Upper arm pattern works well enough
  • Like the attention to detail with the black cuff matching the Eagles' football look. It wouldn't make an impact on-ice, but it makes me happy as a designer
The Bad:
  • I get that you want some variety from the Eagle head logo on the arms, but the chest logo used here isn't the strongest
  • Not sure why the socks are the inverse of the upper arm fill; the set would have better consistency if these matched
  • Between the Midnight Green, Black, and Grey this set really begs for some white which is sorely lacking outside of the crests and numbers
The Ugly (Execution Issues):
  • Might just be my eyes but the chest logo appears proportionally smaller on the 3D mockup than on the 2D
Overall Rating: 7.0/10
An effective crossover, but one lacking anything particularly groundbreaking or memorable.

Noah K.- Bowling Green Falcons (NCAA)  
Would've expected this to fall to the blog's resident Bowling Green Falcon, Ben. But here it is on Thursday, so I'll give it a go with hopes of not saying anything to make Ben too angry...

The Good: 
  • First reaction: I like these. A lot.
  • I'm not generally a fan of the college wordmark on the chest look but something about Bowling Green's font makes it wok here
  • I'm a big fan of Bowling Green's color pallete. It's a fairly unique look in the sporting world and is well balanced here.
  • NOB in the yoke looks good on all 5 jerseys
  • No complaints about the Championship throwbacks. Clean consistent look from head to toe
  • Fauxback looks great as well. Really like the striping consistency with the main set
  • Hypermodern look follows suit for the most part...
The Bad:
  • ... My one complaint with it is the white collar on the orange jersey. It would look better in white in my opinion
The Ugly (Execution Issues):
  • Not sure if intentional or not, but the helmets confuse me in this set. Do both throwback jerseys use the brown helmet and both Hypermodern rock the white? It's a bit of a strange look, but something the Falcons have done before..
Overall Rating: 9.0/10
Gonna hope I'm not blaspheming here, but I'm a big fan of this look for Bowling Green. Only major complaint is how long it took me to review a 5-jersey concept.

Phil B.- Metropolitan Riveters (NWHL)  
The Good: 
  • The Riveters have had a tradition of "riveting" the striping on their jerseys and its great to see that continue here
  • I like seeing the blue of Rosie's shirt taking the forefront here, rather than the deep navy the team promotes
  • Really undecided about the addition of black, on the one hand it adds another color to break up the brighter red and blue... 
The Bad:
  • ... But on the other hand, I think the set would look just as good with the black replaced with more of that beautiful blue
  • Not a fan of the half-and half collar.  For it to work in my book, one the front half needs to be the same color of the jersey's yoke
The Ugly (Execution Issues):
  • While Ben shouldn't have put NOB below the #OB on his 'Canes concept, you should have here, considering that's one of the most recognizable details of an NWHL jersey at the moment
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
A four color jersey with no reason to be more than a three color. Enough with the BFBS BS... 

Cawlidge Hawkey, ladies and gents. This week, Noah K's Bowling Green Concdept reigns supreme, taking home Thursday's COTW nomination.

Got Questions? Send 'em our way by stuffing the HJC Mailbag.

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Unknown said...

Phil's Riveters for COTW.

Unknown said...

For the record, black is the tertiary color of the Riveters, with blue down to 4th, because of their partnership agreement with the Devils

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