The Filling-In Title Has "Ben" Done Before

Hey everyone! This is Ryan. Ben is trapped in a well and you can be sure as soon as he gets out he will be back here writing. In fact he's contractually obligated to write 52 posts a year for HJC, so he better get back here damn fast! In the meantime, we can send our love down that well for Ben and I will take over writing duties today.

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And now, here's tonight's starting lineup of concepts!

Santa Clara Vanguard (Noah K.)

Santa Clara Vanguard is a competitive "drum and bugle corps" (thanks Wikipedia!). So as Noah has been doing these past few weeks, he's created hockey uniforms for them. Surprisingly Santa Clara Vangurd has done this for real, though not nearly as creatively as Noah. I instantly got a Christmas jersey vibe from this set because of the red jersey. The white jersey does not evoke the same feeling though. I think it was a bit of a miss using the shield on the shoulders instead of the front of the jersey. I think Noah's execution here is very solid. I like the colour choice for the numbers and I think the square shoulder yokes also tie into the formal wear of the actual band.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

Milwaukee Admirals (Adam G.)

Recently the Admirals wore the gold and blue of their parent club, the Nashville Predators. Their logo looked just as good in those colours too and that appears to have inspired Adam with this concept. The promotion of grey to a secondary colour on the home and road jerseys has taken a lot of the excitement out of the jerseys. I'm also a fan of the Admirals wearing the retro Brewers logo on their jerseys, so that would have been cool to see here too. Another concept with some good execution here, though AHL jerseys have CCM branding on them nowadays. I like that Adam went with the non-wordmark logo for the home and road and then on the alternate added Nashville's logo as a shoulder patch. I really like the yellow alternate jersey and I think it would look really cool and bright out on the ice.

Rating: 7 / 10

Whitecourt Wolverines (Danny R.)

The Wolverines are part of the Albert Junior Hockey League (Jr. A - just below CHL). They wear Blackhawks Edge jerseys and the original Sens Edge alternate as their current jerseys. I like that Danny has moved away from that with this set, at least with the red jersey. The biggest issue with this concept if simply personal preference and it's with the collar on the red jersey. I would prefer to see a white collar with the trim on it being red which essentially "shrinks" it and makes it less offensive. Another collar option would be to make it all red and just make the trim white. Again, that personal preference. It seems like the red yokes on the white jersey are just a choice to differentiate these from the Blackhawks. I feel like I want more there. Otherwise this is our third really well executed concept today! I like that Danny used to logo without the wordmark and I also really like that he included the AJHL patch on the front of the jersey as all of the teams do. I also like that Danny changes the AJHL over to Adidas with these concepts that past couple of weeks and acknowledges that by creating a jersey as Adidas would. He's not just using the template because he wants to and erasing the Adidas logo.

Rating: 8 / 10  and my COTW nomination today!

That's all we have for today. Be sure to check out the HJC Podcast and check out our Twitter timeline for your chance to win a HJC sticker! On episode 21 of the Podcast I went solo and talked about the NHL Trade Deadline. So now you can go back and listen to how right or wrong I was. I also analyze the playoff bubble teams and give my opinion on who will make it it. Check out the PODCAST tab for all of that and leave a question in the Mailbag to be answered on a future Podcast!

See ya.
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