Sunday: From College to the Olympics

Good Afternoon everybody. Steve here for another Sunday edition of the HJC daily post. The only big news we have for you guys recently is all-white get up the Maple Leafs will wear against the Caps. Out of the two teams I'd have to say that Toronto was the winner out of the two designs with it's more simplistic take on the design.

So, before we get to voting I have to remind you guys that the Season's week two voting is going on right now so get to that and don't forget about the usual COTW voting COTW- January's vote!

COTW-January vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
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The Season Week 2 votes (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Ok let's get to the concepts!

Dylan T- Team Japan
Positives: In true Nike Style, Dylan took a simplistic approach to the Nike template with both designs and, Overall, you made it work. The simple striping is nice on the sleeves and the bottom of the jersey as well as that squared-off yoke that you have for the jersey. I honestly thing that's something that Nike should look into as a design element.
Negatives: I'd have to say that some gripes about this are that you have no TV numbers, the Random striping on the shoulders of the black jersey just look out of place, and The design overall is pretty flat but that mainly has to do with the Nike template itself.
Overall: 6/10

FC M- Team Norway 
Positives: The overall differing designs really works with the concept. What Suprised me is how well you were able to blend together the full sleeve yoke and chest stripe on the red jersey to where it doesn't have the look of too much going on. Also, the use Norway's logo on the white jersey and the use of "NORGE" on the red jersey with the Norwegian national crest looks really good.
Negatives: While the number font on the jersey itself isn't that bad and it could pass, I make the argument that the majority of national team jerseys have pretty plain text. Also, the triple stripe on the white jersey with the two tone yoke is just a little too much on the white jersey. Tone it down a bit and that's a solid design.
Overall: 7.75/10

Noah K- Northern Illinois Huskies  
Positives: The simple striping pattern on the jerseys really give this a nice classic look. The color balance works really well and overall it's a well thought out design.
Negatives: The logo on the chest is really big as is the logos on the shoulders. Shrink them down.
Overall: 7/10

Taylor R- Bentley Falcons  
Positives: I've always found that a mid to light blue, gray, and black look really good together and your striping does that combination perfectly. Also, I love the beveled numbers on the jersey to copy the Bentley Shield logo.
Negatives: I only have one issue with this jersey: the yoke. The two different colored yokes looks really cool on the white jersey, but when you put it on the black jersey it just looks really awkward. Also, I'm not sure if it was intentional but unless you wanted the yokes to be half black half blue on each shoulder you should have switched the colors on the back.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTY NOMINEE

Ted N- Quadra Islanders 
Positives: Our final concept being a fantasy team, I like the colors of the jersey and the striping design you used on both jerseys. It really gives a nice, classic look to it.
Negatives: Both the TV and Back numbers need to be fixed and the logo on the front is a little big. Make those corrections and this would be a decent design.
Overall: 6/10

That's all I have for you guys today. Thanks for stopping by everybody. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys this time next week!
Sunday: From College to the Olympics Reviewed by Steve Marc on February 11, 2018 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Taylor R for COTW, the yoke is a nice design choice!

Also really like FC's Norway white jersey; if that was toned down a bit and you made a red jersey with the same colour balancing as the one you have there but with the logo on the white, you'd get my COTW Nom easily

Unknown said...

The yokes were intentional

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