Of Socks and Stripes

Sometimes, we writers do get it wrong.

In Thursday's post I said that Joe D's Leafs Stadium Series concept had sock stripes that were set too low on the template. This in fact was incorrect. I was mistaken in this, partially because of not being used to the sock template and partial because that's how it looked to me, but then Ryan sent me a picture of something I forgot he had: NHL game worn socks from, of course, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Toronto has had some of the most iconic sock stripes in NHL history, and having both the home and road makes this even easier, along with a practice pair and of course, the legendary puck bag Bernie Parent was traded to the Flyers to in 1973 after trying to spend a year with a non-existing team to get away from Harold Ballard.

You can see just how low the Leafs sock tripes go on these, right down to about an inch and a half away from the cuffs. Look at how much open space there is above the stripes to the top of the socks. Sock stripes are supposed to be low! It is better to have them lower rather than higher simply because it's more realistic.

However, there is another reason, more to do with how the socks will look on the kit when a player is fully suited up. Also I think at least some of you will know, hockey socks are not like regular socks, even high socks in terms of fit; they're much more similar to stockings in that they go fully up the calves and under the pants/breezers whatever you call them.

Sock stripes should be high enough to go above the skates/ankles to be seen above the sides and tongue of the skates at all times, and below the pant legs at almost all times, usually just below the knee. On top of this they need to be centred in that area. In short there's a lot that goes into sock stripes, and is something to consider greatly when making a concept! 
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