Monday: Double Dallas & Double AJHL

Welcome to the Monday post!

Happy Family/Nova Scotian Heritage/Louis Riel/Islander/Yukon Heritage Day to all our Canadian readers on this sort of Monday off where everything is closed but not a Stat-Holiday

And to our American readers

Happy President's Day! Nice having a real holiday on the 3rd Monday of February instead of one half the country kind of does like we have in Canada!

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On with today's concepts!


Dallas Stars Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ It's hard to get me behind a chest stripe jersey, and even harder to get be behind a jersey tries to introduce the diagonal script to a team that has no history of it, but here, both work really well and work off each other!
+ Colour layout is really sharp!
+ It's a subtle detail, but I like the current striping being used on the pants!
+ Great execution

- Shoulder patches are a little too close to the collar on the 3D template 

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me

Drumheller Dragons AJHL Concepts (By: Danny R.)

+  For a team that uses a Flyers/Flames colour scheme, I like that neither jersey really copies them, and uses grey for the dark colour on the home 
+ Striping is simple enough, but not generic
+ Black gear is solid
+ Good execution!

 - I love that grey jersey, which is why it disappoints me there is NO grey on the white jersey outside the logo, replace the orange with grey and black with orange and you've got a winner here
- On the other hand the numbers on the home stand to benefit from adding some black! 

Rating: 8.75/10

Fort McMurray Oil Barons AJHL Concepts (By: Danny R.)

+ I usually dislike Oilers concepts that try this sort of logo as the primary, but here, it really works nicely
+ The jerseys are pretty simple, downright Reebok Cookie Cutter style in many ways, but it works with the simplicity of the logo
+ Colour scheme changes work well to differentiate the team from the Blues and Sabres
+ Good execution

- My biggest problem with this style of striping is the blank under the arms, it could benefit from striping similar to the Jets or Edge Panthers 
- Got some yellow on white on the blue jersey 

Rating: 8.5/10 

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Adam G.)

+ Striping makes me think what would have happened if the North Stars kept their striping the same but changed the logo and colour scheme in 1991 instead of the whole kit
+ For what is being attempted, logo choices are solid
+ Good colour balancing

- Primary logo is WAY TOO SMALL and isn't centred properly on the jersey, nor are the numbers
- Collar should have some black on it on the white jersey
- It's rare I say this, but the Texas state outline logo doesn't really work on the pants

Rating: 6.75/10

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