Anchors Aweigh Part Two: Back At It with The USNA Hockey Jerseys!

As some of you might remember way back when, I wrote a piece on the The Naval Academy's D2 hockey team and the jerseys that perfectly fit what they represent: the United States of America!

Mockup Via Rebirth Sports
Yes, those jerseys are magnificent but they were a little lonely without any other jersey to compliment them. Well, the team reached back out to Rebirth to come up with not one, but two new uniforms for the team to wear!

We'll start this double dose of Maritime awesomeness with there specialty jersey worn for there outdoor game against there southern rivals, The Citadel, on January 28th in Hershey, PA.

Mockup and Previews Courtesy of Rebirth Sports
Speaking with Midshipman Alex Stamato, he explained to me that the outdoor game jerseys were to represent the United States Marine Corps, another option that all Midshipmen have to join once they graduate from the academy. He also explained that, due to the majority of the team going into the Marines after school, they found it fitting to have jerseys that represented what they were working to become. What's nice about the jersey is the subtle nuances of it. The Red and Black with the navy pants remind me of a Marines Dress uniform. The Marine Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on one shoulder with the American flag on the other, and top it all of, the Motto of the Marine Corps, Semper Fidelis, which to those of you who don't know is Latin for "Always Faithful".

Photos from UNSA D2 Hockey Twitter
The team ended up winning (as seen above) 4-1 that evening. Being that the jerseys were made for a one time event, the players themselves bought the jerseys so they could have something to keep as a lasting memory to the game the played out in Hershey. I will say that it would be nice to see this jersey come back in the future as it's a nice design and, in my opinion, is what an Alternate jersey should have for it's foundation.

Mockup Courtesy of Rebirth Sports

Photos from USNA D2 Hockey Twitter

The other jersey that the team got was a full time dark jersey to go with that beautiful white jersey and it's a pretty solid design. The team's idea going for this design was to use Buffalo's 2010-2012 Alternate jersey design and apply to the official USNA Navy Blue and Gold color scheme, hand stitched numbers and all. While I've always been hesitant of teams to copy a template of a team and run with it, this turned out to be a really solid choice when you see the balance of the white, gold, and navy blue. Also, that cursive "Navy" script looks beautiful on the front of both jersey and the "N with Star" and Anchor patches on the shoulders really give this jersey a timeless look.

Yes down in Annapolis the Naval Academy doesn't seem to have a shortage of style when it comes to hockey jerseys (D1 also got new white jerseys) and all the teams have the talent level to match. I'd like to thank Alex and his team for continuing to work with me on reporting about them. I have nothing but respect for those guys and I wish them nothing but the best of luck as they look to reach a playoff birth at the end of the season.
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