Why Not to Buy Fakes Part 5

Again with the outdoor jerseys!

If there's one jersey I wouldn't have expected the knock off jersey manufacturers to make so many of, it would be the 2017 St. Louis Winter Classic. Mainly because the team adopted it as an alternate for the rest of the seasons, and was always in stock on Fanatics to the point where I was able to get it over the summer. However it has since become one of the most common fakes on eBay. I've posted other examples in previous posts, but never have I found one that made my point so nicely than this gem.

The most obvious glaring sign that this is a fake, is that true white is red in the striping instead of vintage white/ on top of the NOB doesn't have the usual outline. The primary log, none of the numbers or NOB appear to be felt...and just look at the collar. The Reebok tag on the back of the jersey has the classic drawn by a 5 year old look to it we've come to get used to in this series. Upon closer inspection we see the Edge 1.0 style collar lining that hasn't been used in just under a decade.

Then we come to the event logo. Now when done right these patches look absolutely beautiful on your jersey. Yes, the NHL patch people do try to make things harder with that hard plastic backing on the collectors ones, but taking your jersey to an experienced jersey customizer will make that a non-issue. Some patches are iron on, and while it doesn't have the same longevity as sewing a patch on, it does get the patch onto the jersey where it will stay so long as you put it in the right place. In case you're curious how fake jersey manufacturers put their patches on...well....

No that isn't someone's first attempt at sewing or a massive amount of cat scratches being sewn up into an art project, that is how the patch was attached to the shoulder. I don't think I need to tell you this logo is inaccurate, particularly the missing crossed hockey sticks under the St. Louis, seeing as for some strange reason the manufacturer chose to use the sponsored logo...weird...This is likely because the sponsored logos tend tone unveiled before the regular ones.

I'll also include some common signs you've got a fake, relating to tags.

The poorly shaped NHL shield here is a dead give away. Furthermore, unless the jersey is game worn, the Reebok authentic were NOT made in Canada, mainly made in Indonesia. Sizing is an important thing to note. Certain sizes HAVE NOT, ARE NOT, AND WILL NOT BE PRODUCED by legitimate jersey manufacturers. Namely size 48 & 58 for Edge and Adizero.

Again, a poorly digitized version of the NHL, but note the RBK vector logo above it. That logo has NOT been used on NHL jerseys in full since the 2008-09 season. If you see this tag on anything newer than that, it's very likely fake. Furthermore true NHL tags are usually silver with a black inner tag.

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