Why Not to Buy Fakes Part 4

Sometimes I find a fake that even surprises me.

Remember what I said about fake jersey manufacturers jumping the gun on outdoor game designs to get ahead of Adidas or in this case Reebok on sales and trick unsuspecting buyers into buying a concept made into a real thing in the worst way possible (outside of a black hole?). Usually these aren't too bad; often based on throwbacks or previous jerseys worn by the team. In this case though, this gem found on eBay by a loyal HJC reader and personal friend of mine has redid the scale of how bad fakes can be not in terms of quality of the jersey as there are far worse than this, but in pure bastardization of a team's design.

I should start off by saying the eBay seller seems to be selling this second hand, and aren't trying to pass this off as an authentic Reebok New York Rangers product and up front says its reproduction. Now the ad is incorrect that a jersey of this style was worn during the alumni game, the Rangers regular edge home jerseys were worn by Rangers greats instead. No this is not what the Rangers wore in the 2012 Winter Classic or the 2014 Stadium Series. In fact it's not really close to either. The striping is closer to something the New York Americans would have worn mixed with the 2016 Chicago Stadium Series jerseys, not the Rangers. The logo itself might look odd, but it's a version of the logo worn from 1968-78 in some forms, but not their official logo. Let's get a closer look at some of the more dubious parts of this jersey.

Now I don't think I have to tell you this is NOT the official 2012 Winter Classic logo, in fact it looks similar to a concept logo from that time. It's not a BAD logo, in fact as a concept it's quite nice, but it looks kind of amateur by the standards of the actual logo.

Just look at the sew quality on the jock strap....sometimes it's better if I say nothing at all

What do you think of this fake? Would you prefer this to the actual 2012 Winter Classic? is it worth the nearly $220 CDN plus shipping?

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