Wednesday: Viva Las Vegas?

Another Wednesday here at HJC, but it isn't an ordinary Wednesday. It's the day before I expect the Islanders to get blown out in their first visit to Vegas. I have a bunch of friends there and they will surely have fun in Vegas, but with how the Islanders play lately, combined with the Vegas flu that seems to be affecting the entire NHL, I don't expect this team to fare well.

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Ben S: Anaheim Ducks Concept

The Eggplant and Jade make a return in a classic look for the Ducks, combined with the orange they have been using of late. It's a simple white and jade pattern woven into a section of eggplant. I wouldn't necessarily go this route with a logo like that, but it does look nice. Execution note: The helmet numbers are far too low. I'd like to see gloves too if you have all the other equipment.

Rating: 84%

Lucas D: Vegas Golden Knights Concept

There's a lot of white on this jersey, unlike the Knights current home jerseys. It looks nice, especially with the grey stars in the stripe. Now I think you could've done a better job matching the stars up to the pattern on the 3D template, but that's my only complaint about that. The gold circles surrounding the red stripes create a lovely effect of lights around the border of anything, so combine that with the white stripe, the red trim and the stars within, I think you have a nice interpretation of the classic Las Vegas sign. Gloves?

Rating: 90%

Noah K: Kent State Concept

The problem this concept suffers from is inconsistent activity. What I mean by that is that if you look at the bolts on the bottom of the home and road jerseys, They contrast with the traditional striping on the arms. Speaking of which the trim on the arms is so thin that it almost gets lost on both jerseys, never mind getting lost on the white jersey with the classic "Yellow-on-white syndrome". The alternate looks like a paint-bucket job. Not a fan of the font on the main set. Not a fan of the wordmark and numbers on the front of the alternate, but this is the NCAA so I'll let it slide. Also what are you doing on those pants?

Rating: 50%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



Of course I choose the Vegas concept before my team gets destroyed by them. Could it be a sacrifice in order to help my team on Thursday? Maybe something to kiss up to them asking for mercy? Well who knows? We'll all find out soon and I'll see you next week as we get ready to vote for CONCEPT OF THE YEAR 2017! See you then.
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