Wednesday: "Phil"-ing In

There were a lot of options for today's title, but as you see I went with the simple "Phil"-ing In. And that's because Phil is not available to write today's post, so you get me, Ryan, your friendly blog admin!

Our competition going on right now is to design the 2017 Concept of the Year logo. The logo will be used on the 2017 Concept of the Year and will also appear on the 2017 COTY championship plaque, which is given to the winner. Designs are due on January 12, so be sure to check out the COMPETITION tab for all of the rules.

I believe the NHL All-Star jerseys will be revealed tonight on the Wednesday night broadcasts of NBC and Sportsnet. Keep an eye out for that and of course we'll have a story up here on HJC after it happens. This was tweeted out last night by Nirva Milord, who is the NHL Sr. Director of Corporate Communications.

Since the reveal didn't happen last night and both major networks have national broadcasts tonight, it would make sense that we see the jerseys before the puck drops.

Be sure to place your vote for COTW on the side of the page before you continue reading this post.

COTW Dec 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTY Logo entries (due Jan. 12 @ noon ET)


Nashville Predators (Lucas D.)


Lucas shows us that swapping the colours on the current Preds' home uniform still makes them bland and boring. However Lucas has made the arm stripe thicker and cut it off to resemble a sharp tooth or claw, which at least adds something exciting to Nashville's look. Lucas' execution and presentation are quite good here and that's to be expected as it's one of his strong points. He has added shoulder patches to both ends of the yokes, but unfortunately he has chosen the NP logo rather than the guitar pick logo. To me, the guitar pick logo is one of the stronger secondary logos in the NHL and should be used whenever possible.

Rating:  7.5  /  10

San Francisco Giants (TC)

Friday's writer TC pays tribute to all of his liberal friends in San Francisco by creating this hockey concept for their baseball team! First, the orange alternate is a super sexy orange jersey. A perfect ten on its own. I also like the home and road sweaters, but I would make one change to the primary logos. I love that TC put together a logo for these jerseys, but the Golden Gate Bridge behind the arched text isn't working for me. It's just not bold enough. The roundel logo looks great as a shoulder patch and I really love the square yokes on the white jersey!

Rating: 8.5  /  10
COTW nom from me!!!

Team Sweden (BurkusCircus)


Burk continues his crusade against Nike and their Olympic jerseys with his version of Team Sweden. Just like the concept prior to this, I like the square yokes. The Swedes used square yokes during Canada Cup '87 and I thought it looked good there too. Burk has stuck with a classic look for Sweden and that seems very appropriate. A couple things stick out on this concept in a negative way to me. The first is that you are re-doing the Olympic jerseys and you switched to an Adidas template without any branding and haven't explained it. The second is the use of Dallas' font here, which is unique to the Stars. I think a standard seriffed block font would have accomplished more.

Rating: 7.5  /  10

That's what we've got for you today. Don't forget to work on your COTY logos and have them in by January 12. I also challenge everyone reading to come up with a better look for the Predators. They obviously want to use lots of yellow, but what they have right now is just terrible. So let's see you guys make some very yellow jerseys for them and then send them into HJC. Hopefully we can get a couple of Nashville yellow posts up in a couple of weeks.

If you've got any questions for the HJC team and want them answered on Saturday's podcast, please leave them on the form with your name on the right. We'd love your hockey questions, but we can also provide some very unprofessional financial and love advice.

Talk to you guys again on Saturday!
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