Wednesday: Coming to You LIVE

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday here at HJC. Sorry for the absence last week and thank you Ryan for filling in. I had a great opportunity I couldn't pass up. I am exploring a career path in radio, and I was invited to not only be the play-by-play voice of Farmingdale State Rams women's basketball, but also to tour the studios of a broadcasting trade school.

But now with that out of the way, I am back again here at HJC to talk hockey! Specifically these concepts below. But first, a little business....

COMPETITIONS: Concept of the Year is almost here! But to prepare for it, we need you to design a logo for the final. This year's competition is different because of our rebrand from the previous year, so we have given you all the tools you need to create the new-style logo.


Steve M:

Ryan H:

MAILBAG: The Podcast is always a fun time, and probably one of our better segments is the HJC Mailbag, depending on the questions of course. If you want to ask a question or bring up a topic that will make Jets96 our own version of Don Cherry or Skip Bayless, feel free! Any and all questions should go there to be answered on the Podcast. After all, we can't run that segment without you.

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 COTW Dec 29-Jan 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 COTW December vote (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 COTY Logo entries (due Friday @ noon EST) 


Matt G: Team Slovenia (Olympic) Concept

Slovenia's jerseys are interesting, because their entire color scheme is NOT the color scheme of their flag. But in a case of international hockey, I think not having yet another red white and blue team is a good thing to differentiate yourself, especially when Slovakia and the United States have the same exact pattern for their white jerseys during standard IIHF play (Juniors, Worlds, other non-Olympic tournaments besides 2014). Plus the color scheme is a nice one. The mountain pattern channels the logo well. The simplicity of the pattern makes it effective. Love the three stars on the shoulders. One aesthetic concern about the template though. This is an Adidas template. The Nike templates are very different, and slapping Nike logos on an Adidas template doesn't make it a Nike jersey.

Rating: 83%

Noah B: Brisbane Lions (AFL) Concept

I've probably mentioned before that I'm a fan of Aussie Rules football, or footy as they call it. I love the limiting of the white on the burgundy jersey, then to compensate for white on the other, a double outline is added on the striping pattern and yoke. Maybe one for the numbers of the white jersey would be a good idea. A rather simple idea, but a good crossover concept nonetheless, something I appreciate more so than the other writers.

Rating: 84%

TC Moore: Allen Americans (ECHL) Concept

TC has decided to take the stripes on the Americans' shield behind the A in their logo and use that as the base idea in this design. It works. We saw this summer during soccer's Gold Cup with the US Men's National Team that this shade of red and blue patterned like this works. Using that pattern as an upper sleeve segment also makes the jersey bold, perfect for the ECHL. Combine that with the monochromatic third jersey, which has retro striping all throughout the jersey as well as a simpler logo, I think we have a quality concept. Only gripe is the hem stripes of the alternate. I'd rather see one stripe on the hem that is as thick as the arm and sock stripes than the two thin stripes.

Rating: 96%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another week gone by. Fortunately for my Islanders, this is their bye week. What a mess they have become. But fortunately for me, the Riveters are 9-0-0 in the NWHL this season, having scored no less that 4 goals in every single one of those 9 games. This weekend the US Women's team will face a team of NWHL stars (mostly Riveters) in Tampa Bay as an Olympic warm-up. The Riveters return to action with a home and home starting in Boston on the 20th, then back in Newark on the 21st. A tough stretch since the Pride have gotten better, but one to keep a close eye on as the Riveters eye perfection and the Isobel Cup. See you next week.
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Anonymous said...

I thought the logos had to include the words “Concept of the Year”?

Steve Marc said...

Yes I understand that I put 2018 instead of 2017. The version will show corrected by voting time.

Ben Shaffer said...

I'll second TC for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

Matt G for COTW

Different anonymous said...

Yeah, it did specifically say that "Concept of the Year" had to be included in the requirements in the contest post. Is COTY and appropriate substitute? That could change the entire basis of my design

Ryan said...

Yes you can use COTY abbreviation on your logo in place of the full phrase. We NEED entries so I will relax the rules.

Unknown said...

I'll second Matt's concept.

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