Thursday: The Alternate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Happy Thursday, folks.

We've got a lot going on on the blog this week. One of the most important votes of the year is wrapping up with the COTY Semis ending tomorrow at noon, so be sure to speak you're voice before the top two looks of 2017 due battle. 

Our Semiahmoo Minor Hockey Competition ends tomorrow as well so get those entries in and don't forget our recommendation to watermark your concepts. Winner may recieve a true-to-life adaptation of their concept.

Is your team struggling in the standings this year? Would you like a test of a winning record for once? Consider entering The Season competition here at HJC. Pick a team and design a home and road for them to wear this year. Once your finished, watch your look do battle with another designer and see who reigns supreme at the end of each matchup. Once this is done, we take it to the playoff, with each remaining team sporting a new look the rest of the way, in hopes of bringing home The Season Championship. Registration ends tomorrow at noon.

As usual don't forget our weekly COTW vote ending tomorrow at noon.

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On to the concepts!

Adam G.- Carolina Hurricanes
The Good: 
  • While this look is fairly similar to the 'Canes original edge design, the consistency between the arms and hem certainly give it a boost
  • Home jersey works really well here. Like the addition of silver
The Bad:
  • Removal of the white from the striping pattern was a big misstep on the away and alt sets, this removal places 3 relative dark colors (black, red, and grey) all next to one another which muddies the look
  • Return to their original edge font makes this even more like their old look and is a downgrade from their current font, anyway 
  • Not sold on the red numbers on the alternate, but it could work
  • I'm generally the biggest proponent of the new Adidas collar here on the blog, but this is just not the way to go. As far as I'm concerned the two parts of that inner ring should always be the same color. Just looks strange here.
  • Not typically the biggest fan of alternate jerseys that are a simple recoloring of the main set, and that carries over to this concept
Overall Rating: 5.5/10
Not a bad look for the 'Canes, but on we've (for the most part) seen before and one they were right to update when they came to Adidas. 

Ben S.- Arizona Coyotes Alternate
The Good: 
  • Certainly a new look for the 'yotes. So I'll give you that
  • Thick one-color collar matches the jersey inspiration nicely
  • Great use of a southwestern color scheme to give Arizona a bit more excitement in their look
The Bad:
  • Arizona has a pretty decent logo set, both currently and in their history, so a wordmark on the chest feels like a disservice
  • The fact that the chest and arm stripes have different patterns really bugs me(with the chest adopting a triangular pattern within the striping and the arms with a more traditional native pattern)
  • Black pants here bother me as well, with their being so little black on the jersey as well
The Ugly (Execution Issues):
  • Helmet numbers are too low. They should be up above that sort of inverted triangle shape
  • Don't really see the NOB below #OB translating in today's NHL. Seems more of a European or Women's Hockey look at this point
Overall Rating: 5.5/10
We've seen both extremes now. From a look that's a recoloring of the main to one entirely different from the team's primary look. Unfortunately, I can't say I enjoy this one any more than the previous.

Lucas D.- San Jose Sharks Alternate
The Good: 
  • Hem Stripes! Somehow a groundbreaking idea where San Jose is concerned
  • In all seriousness... Loving the logo choice here. As far as I'm concerned, its only a matter of time until the Sharks adopt their "Los Tiburones" logos full time and I can't wait for that day to come
  • Striping pattern is really unique and works really well here. Love the contrast between the thin white-black-teal pattern and the bolder hem and cuffs
  • Collar treatment is masterful as well, love the large amount of black up top given the amount of teal towards the bottom of the sweater
The Bad:
  • I would probably do a double outline on the #OB by going black on the insde outline and teal on the outline, it would match that thin white-black-teal striping you've got going and help the outline stand out as it sort of blends as is
The Ugly (Execution Issues):
  • If you're gonna show us the equipment, might as well give us a look at the gloves as well
  • There seem to be a couple inconsistencies between your two mock-ups. The 2D arm pattern seems to slope up more than the 3D look and the #D seems to have much larger teal cuffs than the 2D. Really like the approach you take, but it'll look even better once you can work those issues out 
Overall Rating: 9.25/10
Even as a Pens fan, I've always really liked the Sharks brand. Lucas D really caters to his judge here and gives me a look that my wallet would hate me for. If this baby were real, I'd be picking it up, regardless of price 

In a post filled with Alternate jerseys, Lucas D's Sharks Third really breaks away from the pack, so he'll take home this week's COTW nomination.

Got Questions? Send 'em our way by stuffing the HJC Mailbag.

Thursday: The Alternate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Reviewed by JB Designs on January 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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Unknown said...

If you reduced the excessive kachina and used proper Coyotes logos that Arizona one would be great.

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