The Definitive Ranking of Third Jerseys in the Edge Era (Pt. 4)

Hello again and welcome to our penultimate entry into the Definitive Ranking of Third Jerseys in the Edge Era.  If you somehow missed any of the previous entries, they can be found here: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3.  As always, the rules for this list are as follows: First, this is a list of original designs only, nothing that is a direct copy of a previous uniform can be included.  Second, no one-and-done sets, meaning no special event uniforms.  Third, no uniforms that were previously worn as special event uniforms and then reinstated as a third.  Finally, no third jerseys that would later be turned into the primary set, a surprising number of teams did this after feeling out the Edge system, so it makes the list way too long.  Once again, if you disagree with any of my rankings, feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section.  Now it's finally time to crack the top ten!

10.- Philadelphia Flyers 2016-2017

Philly's only entry on our list comes in at number ten.  This jersey was designed for the Flyers' fiftieth anniversary, and it's the attention to detail in regards to that anniversary that really makes this one.  The simple block coloring in the arms stays true to the Flyers' style while still being a new look for them.  The orange yoke works surprisingly well, and the anniversary logo works great as a shoulder patch.  The gold numbers and outline around the logo are a great way to celebrate the team's golden anniversary, and the Flyers' signature contrasting nameplate just seals the deal.  Incredibly, the Flyers seemed to be able to celebrate the club's history with an entirely new uniform that looks like it could just have easily been pulled out of the jersey archives.  

9.- Vancouver Canucks 2008-2017

The next entry on our list is the Canucks' modern stick-in-rink alternate.  I know that some may chime in that this just looks like their original blue jersey, but there are differences if you look closely.  The striping pattern on this jersey is similar to their normal away striping, but thickens up the outer lines and eliminates the contrasting cuffs.  The updated stick-in-rink looks great, but the real star here in terms of logo is the Johnny-in-V shoulder patch.  I've always loved Johnny Canuck, and it's a real treat to see him finally make a uniform.  While I've never been the biggest fan of white collars on dark jerseys, I think the blue stripe saves it.  I will say that the use of the modern font is a misstep considering that this jersey is supposed to harken back to their original set.  Overall, a good looking jersey that does a good job of showing the history of the Canucks while also remaining somewhat fresh.  (Bonus points for eliminating that awful orca logo.)

8.- New York Rangers 2010-2017

Coming in at number eight is the only entry on this list from my personal favorite team, the Rangers.  Here, the Blueshirts trade in the traditional royal blue for a shade of navy, giving it a more retro feel despite the Rangers actually darkening their blue over the years.  The striping here is similar to their regular striping, but with a thicker red stripe in between two thinner white ones, and eliminating the contrasting hem.  In true Rangers style, diagonal lettering takes the place of a more traditional crest, with this set choosing to pay tribute to their city.  The elimination of the drop shadow from all of the lettering adds to the fauxback feel of this jersey, and the white collar actually works very well here.  After watching these jerseys in action in the Garden for nearly a decade, I have to admit that I'll be sad to see it go.  

7.- Los Angeles Kings 2016-2017

The LA Kings come in at number 7 with the second golden anniversary jersey on our list.  For a team with such terrible uniforms, they really hit the jackpot with this alternate.  The grey base works surprisingly well here, and seems to be as close to a colored uniform as the kings are willing to get at this point. The simple striping looks great for an anniversary jersey, and the black yoke keeps it from looking too grey.  The gold accents around the logos and numbers are a great way of celebrating the team's fiftieth anniversary without going as all-out as Philly did with theirs.  My only real problem with this jersey is the insistence on using the batting plate logo.  I would have loved to have seen a reworked golden version of their original crown logo, I think it's the perfect occasion for it.  Even with the questionable logo choice, this jersey is a great look for the Kings, and one I would love to see return next year (minus the anniversary tidbits).  

6.- Colorado Avalanche 2015-2017

Our final entry for the day is the Avalanche's second jersey on this list, albeit a much better one than their last attempt.  The use of navy over their lighter blue was a good call here, I don't think their blue is strong enough to be the dominant color on a jersey.  The color blocking on the arms looks great, and, surprisingly, I think the minimal striping on the hem was the right call.  The squared-off white yoke looks phenomenal, especially as it curves with the curved nameplate on the back.  The number font looks infinitely better than the one on their primary set, and the state flag shoulder patch looks pretty good.  The real star of this set, however, is the main crest, which pays tribute to Colorado's hockey history while also updating it to look more sleek and modern.  It's a fantastic logo that I wish the Avs would use instead of their current logo, but if that's the price to pay for the return of the mountain piping, so be it.  All in all, a great looking alternate for a team that desperately needed one.  

That's it for this week's entry, come back next Thursday at 2:30 EST for the final entry in our list.  
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