Sunday: Jetsetting

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the hockey version of Dungeons and Dragons that is HJC. Since everyone and there mother put there two cents into the All Star jerseys, I figured I give you guys a break on that simply because it gets to the point of nobody caring.

In other news, the podcast has evolved! We're now on a bunch of different podcatchers for you guys to take our silky smooth voices on the road with you. Now you can listen while you're waiting in traffic, alone in your room, or just trying to ignore your parents or significant other (from personal experience NEVER do that).

Finally, don't forget that we have the COTY logo design going on right now. everybody needs to get there logos in by Friday if you want your design cemented in HJC history. Also, don't forget to vote for the COTW and COTW-December.

COTW-December vote (ends FRI @ noon EST)
COTW Dec 29- Jan 4 vote (ends FRI @ noon EST)
2017 COTY logo entries (due FRI @ noon EST)

Ok Let's get down to it!

Burkus C- Slovakia
Positives: Burk you're starting to come into your own and this concept really shows the improvement you've made over the months. The square yoke on the jerseys actually looks really good on both jerseys with a outline and the simple stripes on the arm make it work well.
Negatives: The hem is pretty bare. Also, that white outline is a little thick on the yoke for my liking. Finally, the numbers on the jersey just don't match the design of the set overall.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas D- Winnipeg Jets 
Positives: I really like that you have aviator blue (official name) as the base color of the jersey. it's a really strong looking color and stands out a lot. As for the design itself, I like that you keep it an all blue scheme with the two medium sized polar night blue (official name) stripes with the white as the accent on the outside of them. Just using those three colors and leaving the silver and red as accents on the logos.
Negatives: Really not liking that you made the center of the collar aviator blue instead of navy. Either do the half and half thing that the NHL think works well on jerseys, make the pentagon a contrasting color to the collar and jersey, or just make the collar all blue.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

TC M- Winnipeg Jets   
Positives: While Lucas took the red and got rid of it, you did a really good job of taking the read and giving it a more prominent role in the jet's jersey design. The read as a striping choice and void of aviator blue turned out well on this concept and I could see the Jets wearing something much like this. Also, the logo choice for the front of the jersey was excellent.
Negatives: While you did a good job of adding in read to the color scheme, you really brought the jersey design down by adding in so much silver for accenting. I would say that the silver would work if it was just on the outside of the red striping but to put it in between the red and white striping gives it a cluttered look.
Overall: 8.5/10

Well guys that's all I got for ya. Thank you stopping by HJC and I hope to see you guys this time next week!
Sunday: Jetsetting Reviewed by Steve Marc on January 07, 2018 Rating: 5


Ben Shaffer said...

Second for Lucas D's Jets

Unknown said...

I'll third Lucas's concept, that would make for a great alternate.

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