Sunday: Almost a Month In!

Hi everybody. Steve here. I hope you guys liked my story on the USAFA Club Hockey team and there path to glory. Since I used most of what I had for you guys on that, I figured I just get right into it AFTER I tell you guys about the usual COTW Vote, the COTY Final vote, and anyone that's in the Season needs to get there entries in.

COTY Final Vote (due Fri @ noon)
COTW- Jan 19-25th Vote (due Fri @ noon)
HJC Season Entries Due Friday(due Fri @ noon)

Let's get to it!

Adam G- New Jersey Devils
Positives: Out of the two designs I have to say that Alternate two turned out much better than the other. Overall, I like the "Neon sign" style of the jersey and the simplicity of the design works with the Devils.
Negatives: I'm sorry but I think this concept might have been meant for our Monday Writer because this "Black Jersey for Black Jersey's Sake" would be right up his alley. The black base with the all red just isn't working for me. It's just too basic of a luck to be interesting with either the just red or green and red.
Overall: 6/10

Alexander W- Windsor Spitfires 
Positives: I like the callback to the old Spitfires jerseys with the modern logo. Also, the memorial cups in the collar are a nice touch as well as the alternate logo on the shoulders.
Negatives: The Spitfires recently did something like this recently but with a different logo on the front. It might not have been on an Adidas template but it stills gives you a good idea of what it would be.
Overall: 7/10

Ben S- Buffalo Sabres
Positives: This is a good example of a jersey that perfectly tip toes the line between having a perfect balance of striping and being too much. The sleeve an chest stripe design is very nice and the roundel logo on the chest works perfectly.
Negatives: Ben please follow NHL rules and place the name bar above the numbers. Other than that be careful of the yellow on white syndrome with this design.
Overall: 7.75/10 

Alright everyone that's all I have for this week. See you guys next week!
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