Monday: Wild, Jets & Sens

Welcome to another Monday post!

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We have a new competition on HJC starting. The Semiahoo PeeWee A1 Minor Hockey team is looking for a new home and road set and have asked HJC and its artists to help. Click the banner with the roundel on the side of the blog to see what the team is looking for and start working on your entries. If all goes as planned the team will wear YOUR jersey design for the upcoming season and you will receive your jersey design in real life as a prize.

Voting this week is quite simple, we have the usual COTW vote, where Matt G's two concepts take on Lucas D's two concepts who take on TC's lone concept in a 3 artist 5 concept show down.

We also have the COTY 4th Quarter vote where I go up against Ryan's 2018 ASG Masterpiece and Jordan's Islanders competition winner and of course my Blackhawks alternate concept!

Finally, we have the 2017 COTY logo competition. We got lots of entires last week, thank you so much those of you who entered! Now you, the voter, have a chance to pick which logo will adorn the HJC 2017 COTY winner's plaque and the concept itself.

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW January 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
2017 COTY Logo vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Semiahoo PeeWee A1 Competition: (Entries Due Friday January 26 @ noon ET)

On with today's 3 concepts


Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Bpoe.)

+ They jerseys match; usually this isn't something worth brining up, but Minnesota either needs to start using two sets or pick one and use the other as an alternate because they haven't had a matching set in a decade
+ Colours are well laid out, and remind me a lot of if you blended the original Wild and current away jerseys
+ Great execution

- The lack of a should patch here really hurts since the Wild have 2 or 3 solid options
- The numbers on the back, while some might prefer them to be this way, I think should be the original Wild style or something a little more wild (no pun intended)
- Small pet piece, but you have everything here except the helmet

Rating: 8.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+ Solid logo choices, love the Peace Tower patch
+ Since Belleville proved it can work, the swapping of vintage white for regular white is nice
+ Solid execution and good presentation

- The white numbers on the back of the home are a little difficult to read without a second outline
- I'm not huge on the laurel design with the Edge alternate, it's not bad and I'm sure lots would like it, but it's not doing it for me
- I feel I've seen this design before in several forms. It's nothing against Noah this is a great concept, but at this point I want to see different designs for the Sens, as this, while ideal, is very likely going to be something similar to what Ottawa will be wearing next season

Rating: 8.25/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Ryan HJC)

+ As I mentioned on the podcast last week, I really like the idea of the Jets rocking either a grey, aviator blue or red alternate, and this does it for me!
+ The traditional striping (WHA inspired I think) looks great both on the arms and the chest
+ Airforce numbers look amazing
+ Solid execution and good layout

- I get why Ryan has included the cuffs, but they look a little too much like Bobby Hull's NHL team instead of his WHA team
- The stripe in the sides of the pants stops at the waist on the front facing template but not the side, a minor thing but I always thought pant striping stopped at the waste

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!


Well, this HJC writer was ... possibly a little hasty earlier and would like to reaffirm his allegiance to good jersey manufacturers and their authentic releases. They may not be perfect, but they're the best jersey providers we have. For now.

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Ben Shaffer said...

I'll second Ryan for COTW

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