Monday: Slovenia & Leafs & Checkers

Welcome to another Monday post!

If you haven't already, check out the HJC Podcast and hear Me, Ben and Ryan discuss the 2018 All Star Game jerseys, Leigh Valley's Colour Rush jerseys for the 2018 AHL Outdoor Classic, goalie masks, the Olympics, and much more!

Let's check out some of the entries that have come in for the 2018 COTY Logo Competition:

None have come in so far! Hopefully you have already started working on your entry, if not you have until THIS Friday to get it in! We need to have a COTY logo! Even if you are new to the whole "making a logo from scratch" thing, this is your chance to get some practice in!

This week we have the first COTW vote of 2018, where BurkusCircus's Germany concept will take on Lucas's Weagle Caps concept!

We also have the COTW December vote, where December's 4 best concepts will go head to head for a chance to go against October & November's best in the 4th Quarter vote. It's me, TC, Lucas & Will going head to head to head to head!

COTW Dec 29-Jan 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)
COTW December vote (ends Friday @ noon EST)
COTY Logo entries (due Friday @ noon EST)

On with today's 3 concepts!


Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ I love the Busher Jackson/RedHorner striping being used on the arms the way it is, while I would have been skeptical with just the 2D template, the 3D one sells it
+ The hem stripe calls on the 67 team while being the same stripe as the arms, nice!
+ Single stripe pants are a Leafs tradition
+ Good execution

- If you're going for the Adidas style collar, why isn't the inside of the collar on either template white as well?
- 2D template's hem striping looks a little thin for my taste, I'd thicken it to the size of the 1970-91 jersey's hems stripe

A great idea for a Stadium Series with some vintage cues, and with some polishing would be one of the better jerseys the Leafs have had

Rating: 7.75/10

Team Slovenia 2018 Olympic Concepts (By: Burkus Circus)

+ First and foremost, an improvement over what the Slovens currently wear.
+ I've seen this design attempted a couple times, mainly in a Vegas concept back in the summer I think from Bukus and I like it here just as much as those
+ That's a nice arm patch, it's a good stylized version of the coat of arms with some nice original ideas, particularly the sort of beveled look it has
+ Good execution

- One thing that's gonna determine whether this would work in real life is the gear; pants, helmet, and those are all missing here, would put this concept to the next level
- Numbers on the back of the white jersey should be green or blue
- Those numbers are also too small

Rating: 8.5/10 COTW Nom from me!

Charlotte Checkers AHL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ Gone is the side profile bear and in is this sweet front facing bear; nice choice
+ Glad to see the polar colours back, works better with the logos and has the UNC tie-in, especially on that alternate
+ Speaking of that alternate, it's a gorgeous reworking of the Detroit WC from 2014
+ Great execution

- I'd scrap the yoke on the white jersey, or at least the stripes on it
- Would also like to see the rounded numbers from Carolina's new jerseys used here

Rating: 8.5/10

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