Monday: First 2018 Post

Welcome to another Monday post and Happy New Year! In the grand scheme of hockey this day holds little meaning other than no more stupid NHL100 patch...actually...that's probably worth celebrating! The Winter Classic was also today, hope you tuned in to see two of the best outdoor jerseys to come out....ever.... None the less hopefully you had a celebratory New Years Eve and get on that New Years Resolution of more running, more jerseys, and your team making the playoffs.

Still no contests yet, seeing as we're just coming out of the Xmas/New Years week. I can assure you though, a contest in relation to the 2017 COTY logo will be upcoming. Entires are due January 12th but stay tuned for more news and rules. So stay tuned for news for that amongst other new blog things. Like the new COTW Win tags.

COTW DEC 22-28 Vote (Ends Friday @ noon EST)
2017 COTY Logo Competition (entries due Jan 12 @ noon EST)

On with today's 4 concepts!


Team Olympic Athletes From Russia Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

+ I like the style chosen for the script, very ornate
+ Modern Russia jerseys, especially the white jerseys, tend to fail at colour balancing by having a blue yoke on both jerseys; this fixes that
+ Good execution

- This WAS a team Russia concept clearly, it still says Russia on the front. I kind of wish something less Russia and more Athletes from Russia.
- Striping is too thin, especially on the arms is this noticeable
-Not a huge fan of white collar on coloured jersey, it looks like a draftee getting their draft jersey with a dress shirt on
- Numbers look weird. I like the style but they've been augmented and look too thin

Rating: 6/10

Oakland Athletic MLH Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ As a very late 90s/early 2000s kid, the elephant logo doesn't seem out of place for the Oakland As, in fact I really like it and it works a lot better than the original As logo as a full time hockey primary logo
+ Striping is excellent, it screams Jason Kendall
+ Alternate is gorgeous, with the right level of vintage and modern, blending Catfish Hunter and that one year they were World Series contenders and then weren't
+ Solid execuiton

- Would have preferred yellow helmets for the yellow jersey
- I know this is a tad predictable and dated, but I've always like the As with some black

Rating: 8.5/10

Toronto Marlies AHL Concept (By: Ryan HJC)

+ These jerseys kind of look like what would happen if the Maroons merged with Marlies, and I really like it
+ It's enough of a deviation from the current Marlies jerseys (which are Leafs copies) that they'd look different in the team store enough for people to buy them, but stick to tradition
+ Solid logo choices
+ Great execution and lay out

-One minor thing, Pickard is a goalie but you have player gear out here, it's not a big deal but somethign to watch out for
- Doesn't the pant stripe stop at the waste line usually? It works kind of as a design but I'm used to them stopping

Rating: 9/10 COTW NOM from me

Detroit Tigers MLH Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ THANK YOU FOR ADDING COLOUR TO THE TIGERS, holy this team has one of the nicest colour scheme in sports but because of tradition they only use blue and white and home and barely any orange is added on the road
+ Chest stripe is a good look for Detroit and calls on the Red Wings
+ Solid colour balancing
+ Good execution

- Don't get me wrong, I like the alternate, but the lack of that extra bit of blue the arm stripes have on the cuffs on the hem doesn't help colour balancing, but it could be like the Anaheim away where the pants provide that colour
- I personally would have used the updated 80s roundel logo as the primary logo and the D on the shoulder

Rating: 8.75/10

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