Ligue Magnus & Their Amazing All Star Game Logo

If you haven't heard of the Ligue Magnus SaxoPrint D1, I can't blame you, I didn't either! The top tier French League was founded in 1906, with 12 teams across mostly Eastern France. This league is one of the founding members of the Champion's Hockey League along with other European top tier hockey leagues, ranking 12th in the 13 tier league above the Polska Hokej Ligia. Some of these teams include the Bordeaux Boxers, Mulhouse Scorpions, Starsbourg Black Stars, Grenoble Wolf Burners, Nice Eagles, Rouen Dragons, Lyons HC Lions and Chamonix Pioneers (obviously these are the English names). With such interesting names and equally interesting logos, it's worth your time to consider making concepts for this league as there is lot of potential. 

This year, the Boxers will host the annual All Star Game in Bordeaux. Similar to the NHL the Ligue Magnus is divided into four divisions with 3 teams a division; Sud- Alpes, Sud Métropoles, Nord-Ouest, and Nord Est, and 4 teams. Again, similar to the NHL, the league hosts an online vote to determine the captains of each team. It is with this vote that I, thanks in part to a tweet by Gregory Hickman to Sportslogos.net, stumbled across the league's event logo.

If this is not arguably the best All Star Game logo in recent memory, I'm not sure what is.

AllStarGameSLM Official Twitter
The colour scheme here is gorgeous, as is the detailing on the building. The best example I can think of is the 2012 NHL All Star logo that featured the Peace Tower from Ottawa. On top of this is the AJPH logo, which based on what I've seen is the equivalent of the NHLPA for French hockey players. 

What do you think of this logo? Do you preferred this detailed style of event logos or do you prefer the more abstract like what we've seen in the last two NHL All Star logos? 

Also I encourage you HJC Artists to make SLM concepts, pick a team, anyone of them will do, and give them a new jersey maybe a new logo. Personally my favourite logo is Chamonix by far with their maroon and silver colour scheme and detailed pioneer logo. Try to make something with that!

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