Grand Rapids Griffins Unveil Fan Contest Jersey!

What do I love about the Grand Rapids Griffins? They're the only team that continuously wears a jersey made by the average Joe every season. It's become a tradition for the team and this year was no different. There was one difference compared to the previous years though.

For those of you who didn't enter in or hear about this years contest, the Griffins made the jersey an 80's hockey jersey theme. They did do a Fauxback night against the Admirals last season, which I have posted pictures from my post on it below, and the jerseys were pretty solid and worked well as a 1980's style jersey.

Photos Courtesy of Grand Rapids Griffins Twitter
Fast forward to 2018 (or rewind to 1988 if you wish) To the current iteration of the Griffins' 1980's Fauxback jersey!

Photo Via Grand Rapids Griffins Twitter

Photo Via Griffinshockey.com
At First look, the all lowercase text across the chest gives the jersey a 70's and 80's feel, as well as the chest stripe and sleeve striping with the numbers in them. A highlight of this whole design has to be that 80's version of the "G Wing" logo that plays off of the Red Wings logo. That logo really has that 80's Sci-Fi feel to it. Other than that, it's a really plain red jersey.

What do you guys think? Was it a good choice? Was putting a theme on the design bring it down? Let us know.
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Burkus Circus said...

Are these going to be sold aside from the auction? I will be in Grand Rapids this weekend.

John E. said...

@Burkus I think they are going to have some available on their eBay page.

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