Capitals Stadium Series Leak?

Now that the All Star game jerseys have been officially unveiled, the hockey design world waits patiently for what are likely the last new jersey designs we will see this season. After releasing four outdoor game jerseys to a generally positive response, Adidas still has the 2018 Stadium Series jerseys on tap for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Washington Capitals.

Today, we take a slight peek behind the curtain thanks to an image of a Capitals stadium series toddler jersey that surfaced from twitter user @sad_caps_fan. The Capitals, it seems, will carry on the inspiration of last years jerseys, taking a minimalist approach to this years' outdoor event.

Retrieved from Twitter (@sad_caps_fan)

While it's worth noting that some details will be different given that the image is of a toddler jersey, the Capitals look to be sporting a look based off simple color blocking. The Caps ditch their typical red base for a navy jersey here with simple thick striping on the arms and hem and a white yoke to complete the look. The shortened "caps" logo unveiled for the event takes center stage on the chest and the adapted Washington-monument W is nowhere to be found. We'll have to wait and see what specific collar treatment the team goes with as this look sports the traditional simple collar associated with the toddler template.

What do you think? Did the capitals miss the mark? Will the Leafs unveil a similar look for this years' stadium series?

Let us know in the comments or by sending in a Stadium Series concept of your own.
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1 comment:

Geoff said...

Yes missed the mark terribly Bolts, Sens, Caps all the shortened name jerseys need to go. That type of jersey is the worst offenders in jesey design in the history of
Everdom. They Should have done a modernized version of the Eagle jersey instead.

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