Wednesday: A WINNER IS YOU!

Hello everybody and welcome to another Wednesday here at HJC. I hope you all got what you wished for this holiday season in regards to hockey gear. I got a nice warm Islanders zippered hoodie, as well as a hat rack for all of my hats I have between the Islanders, Red Bulls, Yankees, Nets, Jets and others (Including a Kelowna Rockets hat). Also I got a [expletive]-ton of Swedish Fish so I am verry happy.

Also I noticed I got a late Christmas present courtesy of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

That would be me as one of the winners! BUT THERE'S A PROBLEM! My friends and I are making plans to see the Worcester Railers HC that night then go out to Boston. I'll leave it to you in the comments: Worcester then Boston, or Bridgeport? (Probably a bad idea to let you guys decide but whatever)


 COTW Dec 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 


Burkus Circus: Czech Republic (IIHF) Concept

I'm not entirely sold on this one for a couple of reasons. I like the yoke pattern, as it is similar to what we saw during the World Cup of Hockey, but different here because it's just the one diagonal line and not the full diamond effect on the yoke they had in 2016. This allows the blue to extend down to the back of the jersey where we have the nameplate, a design idea I generally do not like, and one I have not liked with the Hurricanes. Space out the numbers from the template lines on the sleeves and from the nameplate on the back. Finally, with a unique pattern on the hem it would be cool to see something similar on the arms.

Rating: 77%

Cole W: Alberni Valley Bulldogs (BCHL) Concept

Here we have a unique design, as normally the Bulldogs wear a Flames template jersey with bronze replacing the yellow. This would be perfect if not for 3 things: 1) make the logo larger, 2) move the TV numbers away from the template lines by about 2 pixels and 3) make sure the shade of red that you are using is identical throughout the jersey. I see a lighter shade of red on the TV numbers of the white jersey and in the logo in contrast to the jersey itself.

Rating: 79%

TC Moore: New York Mets (MLB) Concept

As a Yankees fan I should say that I do not hate the Mets, because I just generally feel bad for the Mets for the nonsense they bring upon themselves. Ok, that's out of the way. Honestly, removing the baseball stitching for the logo still leaves a very good logo. Also having tried to do so myself, it's very hard to pull off pinstripes on a hockey jersey (a little foreshadowing to TC's next concept for a team whose pinstripes are world famous) but TC makes it work here by limiting them to one section of the jersey. I like the font choice here becayse it seems to fit better with the logo style. Also I totally think you could've swapped the orange and white in the numbers on the back of the dark jersey. The Mets pulled that off, why not you? Sock striping is too high.

Rating: 87%

TC Moore: New York Yankees (MLB) Concept

As I said, it's very hard to pull off pinstripes on a jersey and I don't think it works here. The socks on white jersey remind me of the Islanders Brooklyn jerseys which Moose Jaw of the WHL has made into a full time set. I think something like that would have worked better. The number font doesn't fit, and as a Yankee fan, seeing a jersey with the name on the back makes me cringe. The adapted logo doesn't work, though I get trying to remove baseball elements from the logo, so maybe just dump it altogether. The alternate just screams of Italy and personally I'm not a fan. Maybe what you could have done is pattern a jersey on the sleeve cuff pattern of the existing away jersey. Sock stripes again are too high.

Rating: 65%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Anybody else excited for USA-Canada outdoors? I know I am and I wish I could be there for it. Until then I will hope for a WJC in New York City. Such potential for the tournament to be here and it's ignored consistently. Maybe one day but until then I'll be here every Wednesday reviewing your stuff. See you next week!
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