Wednesday: Jersey Casual to Jersey Formal

Welcome to another Wednesday here at HJC. I showed off a picture of my new HJC Jersey Casual shirt that arrived two weeks ago. Now I gone from Jersey Casual to Jersey Formal....

Yes the 'stache is gone. Welcome to December.

I caved when I saw that a retailer was offering a 30% off discount on all items, including the authentic jerseys. As a result, I paid less for an authentic than a full-priced Fanatics piece of garbage. And for a smaller guy like me, a 50 fits wonderfully. It feels better than a replica Reebok jersey and looks better. The laces have a cool diamond pattern on them to mimic the netting of a goal. While I can't tie the laces because they are sewn to the jersey, it still looks good. Nobody on the back because I've mentioned plenty of bad luck that has happened with me getting players on the back.

COMPETITIONS: The New Jersey Devils redesign is ongoing here at HJC as we travel from Brooklyn to Newark (through Staten Island because no person in their right mind travels through lower Manhattan) for this competition.


Cole W:

John E:

Lucas D:


 COTW Nov 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 New Jersey Devils ReDesign entries (due December 15 @ noon ET) 


Cole W: Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL) Concept

Another Adidas-ification of an existing jersey, with positive changes to the socks and pants. Otherwise this isn't creative and different. Also I'm guessing since the same thing happened last Wednesday, you sent these in all at the same time.

Rating: 25%

Jets96: St. Louis Blues Alternate Concept

Yet another design that for the most part we have seen already leading up to 1994. Only difference is that we even the red and white stripes and separate the striping pattern from the bottom of the hem. I loved when the Blues used red as a nice trim, plus the St. Louis script in the logo. I liked that era in Blues design. That being said, I can't really rate this well because I have to be consistent in my ratings.

Rating: 40%

Jordan R: New York Islanders Concept

This is an interesting modern take on the Islanders. A new roundel logo is made based on the Brooklyn "NY" alternate logo. This is a nice main set to work with. Not a fan of the collar on the home jersey but I will not mind that much. The BKLYN jersey is nice, though I think the addition of a hem stripe is a detraction from the original Brooklyn alternate, plus we don't have the unique font from that jersey. We also don't have number outlines that would enhance the main set. The alternate jersey is a VERY nice look with a half-and-half design. The logo is interesting as it is based on the four stripes. I think the numbers are rather wide on the upper row of templates. I can't give this a COTW nom, but it's deserving for sure and it's contest win proves it.

Rating: 89%

Nick B: St. Louis Blues Concept

I like the minimizing of the navy blue here. You'll notice it only appears in the number trim, collar, logo, gear, sleeve trim, hem trim and between the main sets of stripes. Yellow dominates here. Honestly I think this could use a royal blue helmet since there's no navy yoke. Similar to what the Carolina Hurricanes currently do. They have a red helmet as well as black gear elsewhere, so I think that could work here. Otherwise a job well done.

Rating: 93%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is



And that does it for me this week. Don't forget to send questions into the HJC Mailbag for the Weekly Podcast. And in the comments below answer these questions: Who has a new Adidas jersey? Who has a new Fanatics "jersey"? How do you like them in comparison to a Reebok Edge jersey? 
Wednesday: Jersey Casual to Jersey Formal Reviewed by Unknown on December 06, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Nick, I like that you want to have a unique template but that template does a poor job at showing what the jersey as a whole looks like. I recommend that you redraw your template to have the sleeves extended so your presentation can properly display what your concepts would look like.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Nick

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Could you guys do a Canucks Flying V Jersey Casual shirt?

winnipegjets96 said...

@burkus we've had one for a bit now

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