Wednesday: In a New York Minute

Another day at HJC, another batch of concepts, most of which (including the comp entry) are from the New York Metroploitan area. With that, of course, there's news that the Islanders may finally get a shovel in the ground on a permanent home soon, as final presentations were made to the public by the Islanders and NYCFC for the area by Belmont Racetrack that the State of New York wants to develop. And considering that Belmont is a 4th choice site by NYCFC, I'd say it's 95% likely the Islanders go to Belmont.

COMPETITIONS: The Devils comp rolls along with today's entry:

Burkus Circus:


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Ben S: NHL100 Classic (MTL vs OTT) Concept

This is a much more classic concept that I'd like to see for this game. HOWEVER, A couple of execution points I need to address. First, the Canadiens logo is too high up on the front of the sweater. Second, I'm not a fan of how wide the Golden State Warriors style font on that Habs jersey looks. It works for the Warriors because that font is used in every single aspect of that branding, plus it's a bit narrower on the Dubs jerseys than the Habs sweater here. Also I think black sleeve numbers would stand out better on the Sens jersey because it mostly lays over red and white. The O is a little low too.

Rating: 78%

Harry B: New York Rangers Concept

First things first. the NHL games are a nice fun way to make a concept into reality and then be able to use it. However it is a very limiting way to design a concept, because EA only has so many designs you can mix and match with, such as that red alternate that is a clear copy of the Sens alternate from 2011-2017. I'm also not a fan of the cream used in the logo and striping on every jersey except the white, because it makes the white jersey look awkward, combined with the fact that the logo, as sloppy and unbalanced as it is already, shouldn't be a vintage look. A decent EA concept, and a great way to get started, but this is far from a finished product and a finished presentation. At minimum, Instead of taking a picture of the screen, there are devices out there that allow you to take a screenshot directly though the TV. Try that until you can get to a computer and draw it on paint.net or photoshop.

Rating: 55%

Jack S: UConn Huskies (NCAA - Hockey East) Concept

One of the cool things about UConn's current jerseys is the font that they use, because it matches the logo and the overall branding of the team. And with that considered, had you used that font, I think we'd have a better looking concept because the excess red from the shadow effect on the Rangers font you used here makes the red stand out awkwardly. Red has always been a trim color at most for UConn, and the way the logo, collar and striping are set up, their current font would do wonders for this. The thing I don't like about their jerseys is that they have a great Husky head logo that they use only as a secondary logo, a logo you have not used at all here. EXECUTION NOTES: Name and number on back are too high up, and on the back views of both jerseys the numbers are rotated incorrectly, because as they stand, they are upside down. All you have to do is copy and paste the numbers from the front view into the same exact position on the back view and you execute that right. They are also too close to the shoulder yoke line.

Rating: 45%

There is NO WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination this week. This is not a numbers game until I see concepts worthy of a nomination in the first place. Just because Ben had the highest score of the three doesn't mean I nominate his concept. Period. Otherwise it leaves it too much up to chance that you send in a concept with execution errors and manages to do just better than other concepts, degrading the prestige of the Concept of the Week award.

That being said, I know you can improve on your work. All you have to do is keep up with what you're doing, take the lessons from the reviews and apply those lessons to your work and you will go far. But I can't give those lessons nor can I reward you if you don't send in concepts. It's what makes this blog HJC. Because HJ sounds more awkward anyway. See you next week!
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winnipegjets96 said...

Ben S for COTW, love the font choices!

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