Sunday: Where Did 2017 Go?

Afternoon all. Steve here with another Sunday post to fill you hockey jersey addiction! Today I'd figured that I'd keep the intro short. Before we get to the concepts, I'd like to let everybody know that we've just added new designs to the Jersey Casual line. Not only that, but I've decided that, due to the holiday season, I'll be adding designs sporadically so you can get your jersey casual t-shirt or sticker. If that isn't your style, you could always go for a HJC sticker itself!

COTW Nov 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
New Jersey Devils ReDesign entries (due December 15 @ noon ET)

Don't forget that we have the Devils design competition going on as of right now so get your entries ready! Also, don't forget to VOTE.

Ok let's get to this

Avi S- Philadelphia Flyers
Positives: The prominence of  orange is real with this jersey set. What I really like is the large black striping with the thin white stripes in it. It gives, in a way, a toss to the Quakers design. Also, that hem stripe is nice on both jerseys.
Negatives: The half sleeve design is fine but if you're going to do it make both jerseys have alternating colors. That orange jersey is so vibrant you could see a player from a mile away wearing that! Other than that not a bad design at all.
Overall: 8/10

Nick B- Los Angeles Kings

Positives: From the looks of this, it looks like you combined the Gretzky era jerseys with the pre-edge hem design and logo. It looks good and I think it's something that the Kings could use compared to what they have now.
Negatives: I don't really have any issues with this except that the silver outline on the lettering is really hard to see on the jerseys but that's expected.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Noah B- St. Kilda Saints 
Positives: Another crossover jersey, this design is fairly different compared to what you would usually see in a crossover. The Rangers style yoke is a nice touch with that arm stripping and the matching socks.
Negatives: The hem really feels out of place and it would be nice to see a red outline on the numbers.
Overall: 6.75/10

Noah K- Vortex HC 
Positives: Another amusement park design, I like that you made the design pretty tame being that the logo is very much from the 80's! the two stripes and yoke with the diagonal text on the dark jersey is really nice.
Negatives: A few issues with this jersey. The name and numbers on the back are a too big as well as the should logos. Also, the crest logo on the white jersey is big as well. Finally, the absence of a hem stripe makes the jersey look pretty bare. Like Toronto maple leafs first edge jersey bare.
Overall: 4/10

Well that's all I got for you guys today. Thanks for stopping by and have a good rest of the week! 
Sunday: Where Did 2017 Go? Reviewed by Steve Marc on December 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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Avi's Flyers for cotw.

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