Sunday: Already Back

Hi there neighbors. Steve's back with another Sunday post! Since this post was written prior to the Centennial Classic, I'll post some pics of the alumni game instead, which includes my favorite senator jerseys of all time!

All photos from Ottawa Senators Twitter account
If you look closely, you'll notice that, depending on the time that the player was at the team, the side profile logo will differentiate slightly either with or without wording, which is a neat element that they added to the jerseys. It's sort of a individual element on the jerseys.

Hey, don't forget to vote for your top 3 of the Devils design competition and for the COTW!

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Ok let's do this!

Jack S- Vermont Catamounts
Positives: Vermont's jerseys are pretty plain as it is so this is already an improvement from what they already have. The simple design is nice and I like the yoke on the white jersey. Also, the choice of logos on the front of the jersey were pretty solid choices as well.
Negatives: My issues with this are the sleeve stripes. They're extremely thin. So thin it get's difficult to tell the design. Make it the same width as the hem and this would be a nice concept. Also, the numbers on the shoulders would look a little better with a rounded yoke (IMO).
Overall: 6/10

Noah K- Miami Valley Timbers 
Positives: The rotting wood as striping was a good choice and the font for the numbers works well with the jersey. The single stripe design with a yoke really helps that "textured stripe" stand out and bring your eye to that and the logo.
Negatives: the yoke going all gradient just doesn't work here. I could see you using it on the numbers as a effect but that just doesn't really work  here.
Overall: 7.25/10

Steven G- Ottawa Senators
Positives: For the new look, I like the idea of the sublimated stripes on the jersey. It would definitely be something unique to them and it would have a classic look to it. Also, the classic and simple style striping looks great. As for the Ideal look, I love the double striping on the sleeves as it reminds me of the original jerseys with the side profile logo. It's also nice to see the home jersey being black instead of red.
Negatives: My issues are more with the new look design (the ideal look is darn near perfect). The excessive sublimated design isn't a good thing on the home jersey. Using it just on the sleeves would be nice, much like you did with the white, but as the whole jersey it works more as a roller hockey jersey design.
Overall: 8.75/10

Alright guys, that's all I got for ya. Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you this time next week.
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Ryan said...

Steven G for COTW!

Noah B said...

I'll 2nd Steven G.

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