Monday: New York & Magpies

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Figured I'd start today with a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from the HJC REDBUBBLE STORE! We have a special collection as it is officially the season for outdoor games, we have one this month, one next and one in March! Why not celebrate the season as well as represent you favourite team in a jersey that very likely is rare at this point. Wonder which jerseys we have available? Check this out!

Here we have 7 of the best outdoor jerseys ever made (that we haven't done already). All these designs are available on the store, just click on the top banner that says Jersey Casual Shirts, and pick your favourite. Me personally, my favourites are the Calgary Heritage Classic, Los Angeles 2014, and the Chicago 2016 Stadium Series jerseys. I know Ryan loves that Leafs design, Ben likes the Flying D jersey, we all liked Pens 2017 SS jersey, and of course the gorgeous 2015 Winter Classic jersey Washington rocked, which I consider to be the best Fauxback ever and the best jersey of the Edge era that was not a direct throwback.

COTW has reset for the week, we have Lucas D taking on Tuesday's writer Ben S, taking on John E taking on Admin Ryan HJC. Vote is on the side of the blog, and are due Friday at noon EST

We also have the New Jersey Devils Redesign Contest in its voting phase. Click on the banner on the side of the blog, look at all the entires, and vote either on the side of the page or on the contest page.

COTW DEC 8-14 vote (Due Friday @ noon EST)
Devils Redesign Competition Top 3 vote (Due Friday @ noon EST)

On with today's 4 concepts

Stuntster Coaster King's Island Hockey League Concepts (By: Noah K.)

+ It was either Canada's Wonderland or Six Flags: Darien Lake that had a coaster with almost the exact same name that was originally a sponsored coaster for the remake of the Italian Job (mediocre movie, watch the original)...so much nostalgia
+ The font chose on the back helps make the jerseys look like Mini Cooper jerseys...it really works

- The beveled logo kind of stands out against the simple striping
- Blank pants and helmet
- Striping is a little plain for my liking, and it kind of works on up to the striping, but even adding little black stripes around the red and blue jersey's patterns would do wonders
- Socks stripes are too hight
- Don't forget that hem stripes are not sublimated, so therefore the striping should stop at the hem stripe
- Very rarely does hem piping work under the hem stripes unless you curved the hem stripes

Rating: 5/10

New York Rangers Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Love how the arm stripes match the classic Rangers pants striping
+ Great logo choice
+ Normally I wouldn't like the white yoke, but here it works
+ Lady Liberty on a modern jersey always works
+ Good execution

- Numbers on the back are too small, as is the NOB
- I like of dig the white yoke, but I'd rather have hem striping and a shoulder patch, and scrap it, than go with the faux Stadium Series look, I will say the full body template does it better

Rating: 8.5/10

Collingwood Magpies AFL Crossover Concepts (By: Noah B.)

+ Gorgeous logo that goes well with the simple striping
+ That little stripe in the middle does wonders, kind of like the 20s Blackhawks jerseys
+ That font on the back reminds me of the Blackhawks vintage/Stars, looks great
+ Great execution

- Throwing a little bit of gold into the striping (maybe the middle stripe), would keep things from having a Brooklyn Nets type feel to it
- At least on the black jersey, the primary logo might be just a bit too large

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW Nom from me!

2018 Winter Classic Concept (By: Ben S.)

+ The Buffalo jersey here I actually prefer the striping here to what we got in real life despite it being relatively the same on the arms
+ Rangers jersey keeps my favourite parts from the actual jersey, and adds a new striping pattern
+ Font choices are solid
+ Good execution

- Still not a fan of anything Buffalo having NY on it; would prefer SABRES
- The NYC thing is a decent idea, but I prefer the NY shield
- Event logo?

Rating: 8.25/10

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