Monday: 4 In the West-1 on an Island

Welcome to the Monday post!

Voting this week is simple- We have the normal COTW vote for the week and that's it. It's an all East Coast match up as Avi's Boston concept takes on Nick's Rangers concept takes on Jordan's Islanders competition winning...Islanders...concept...Point is- votes are due Friday @ Noon EST!

Let's look at the New Jersey Devils Redesign Contest Entries that have come in so far-

There are none yet, which is good! Means you're all working on original designs!

 Don't forget to read all the rules before entering! Entries are due NEXT Friday, December 15th  at noon EST.

COTW Nov 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
New Jersey Devils ReDesign entries (due December 15 @ noon ET)

We have podcast news! In case you haven't heard, we on the HJC podcast have opened the floor to you, the reader, and a opportunity for you to join in on the World Famous HJC Podcast and play a round of Guess The Jersey Game! The rules are pretty simple, you email HJC, we pick one winner each week who is available to Skype at 11pm EST on Friday, we email you the rules of the game, but just know we're thinking of a jersey, and you have to guess it! If you win, we send you a genuine, bonafide, FREE HJC STICKER!

Email the REGULAR CONCEPT EMAIL saying you want to enter for a chance to...enter...

On with today's concepts!


Red Deer Rebels WHL Concepts (By: Cole W.)

+ Design is very simple but the changes made are better than the Blackhawks rip offs currently worn
+ Solid logo choices
+ Good execution & lay out

- NOB is too small, which makes some sense considering how long the name is, but the numbers are far too large
- The one thing not fixed is the colour balancing between the home and road, a red home would work better with black where the red is now
- Collar would look better is you made it like the Vegas collar

Rating: 8/10 COTW Nom from me!

Flight of Fear King's Island Hockey Concepts (By: Noah K.)

+ Making a hockey jersey out of roller coaster design is a neat idea
+ I like the double black on the home jersey
+ Decent execution

- Design is a little plain, without any shoulder patches or even a good logo, it feels empty
- Sock stripes are a bit high up
- No helmet logo

Rating: 6/10

Seattle Thunderbirds WHL Concepts (By: Noah Ka.)

+ Stripes have a more Dallas/Minnesota vibe to them than the originals
+ For a first concept, this is really well executed! Nice work, all the basics are here
+ Like the idea of the city logos on the shoulders
+ Good execution

- Kent City logo on the blue jersey is much too large, make it like the white jersey and recolour it so it pops on the navy but also doesn't take up most of one shoulder
- Green & grey bleed into each other with the white on the blue jersey
- Colour balancing remains the same as the Whalers inspired jersey, which is my biggest problem with the white jersey

Rating: 6.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Nick B.)

+ Solid blend of the current jerseys and the classic Sharks 90s jerseys that have skyrocketed into popularity
+ Solid colour balance with the gear
+ The way the hem stripe is done looks excellent
+ Good execution

- Tiberones logo would look much better
- WHERE ARE THE SHOULDER PATCHES? They are desperately missing on the white jersey
- The shoulders on the white jersey might also benefit from being made into a teal yoke

Rating: 8/10

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Unknown said...

That rebels set is gorgeous- I’ll second it.

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