Inside Look at Arenas Numbers

The Sports Lettering Co. is the official jersey cresting company of the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are the ones who sew the numbers and names onto the Leafs official game jerseys. You can find them on Twitter (@SportsLettering) and their webpage (SportsLetteringCompany.com). Good news, they also take orders for your own jerseys too!

They have provided a great blog post on the recent numbers that they did for the Toronto Maple Leafs Next Century Game Arenas jerseys and the new home set of jerseys! If you didn't know, each team receives two sets of jerseys each season and then some teams may get more for the playoffs and/or Stanley Cup Final.

The blog post provides video on how the Ioline cutter cuts the pieces and then they are removed from the sheets of material by hand.

They also explain that because of the intricate detail of the numbers that they had to be heat pressed onto the jerseys first and then sewn on.

Judging by the three Matthews jerseys at the end of the post, the Leafs second set of home jerseys for the year includes three for each player. Another option is that those are Arenas jerseys and they used a new set for each period.

The Sports Lettering Co. then packs them up and sends them to the Leafs!

This is great content and I'm sure we'd all love to see more of this league wide!

Sports Lettering Co. also had an equally good post regarding the St Pats jerseys earlier this past March. CHECK IT OUT HERE.
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