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Merry Christmas HJC readers!

For those who've been around the design circle for a while, you'll know you want to avoid making a jersey Christmas colours. Those being red, green and to an extent things like silver, gold and beige/vintage white. The reason being you don't want a concept or IRL jersey you're going to wear for close to if not 41 or at least 12 games a year to resemble a Christmas sweater your nan knit in October or February.

In honour of today being the day of red & green, let's look at some jerseys that pulled off the colour scheme of the 25th day of December, and some that looked better at the corporate Xmas party.

Minnesota Wild 2003-17 Red

Star Tribune
Okay so this is the classic example in the modern NHL of a Christmas coloured jersey. Today it was the odd one out of the Wild's edge set with the new away and green alternate, but from 2003-10 it was widely considered (at least in the circles I followed) one of the best jerseys in the NHL, along with the St. Louis roundel alternate. There's lots of red and green between the gear and jersey itself, but one its own there's enough red to keep things from being overly Christmassy. The original Koho pre-edge version had a nicer hem with an actual stripe, but the edge version was one of the few jerseys to pull off the phantom yoke look and one of the first to have a ribbed collar that would be used on future Winter Classic jerseys.

Name suggestions

Pre Edge- Demitra (RIP), Koivu, Parrish, Gaborik, Bombardir, Domenichelli
Edge- Suter, Dubnyk, Koivu, Backstrom, Zucker, Nolan, JARED SPURGEON GOAL OF THE WEEK WATCH THIS HERE BOY WATCH THIS

Halifax Mooseheads 2009-Present

Global News
Similar to the Wild, the Mooseheads have always had a colour scheme similar to that of Santa's Big day. However, their original jerseys didn't have the same Christmas vibe, mainly due to the black pants, gloves and helmets worn with them. Now these jerseys are nearly identical to the Wild's red jerseys, but with two exceptions- Collar style and dark shade of green. Couple that with a more Christmasy logo and you've got the most festive of the QMJHL teams.

Name suggestions- Hirshier, Voracek, MacKinnon, Fucale, Strompi, Drouin

New Jersey Devils 1983-1992/St. Patricks since 2009/10 & 2014 Stadium Series

The Hockey News 
We literally HAD to put these on this list, they are called the Christmas colour jerseys for a reason. The large green yoke with a thick out line, green pants with big red elf-like stripes and a red helmet. It was the the first jersey since the Seattle Metropolitans to use any sort of red/green combo in professional hockey. The Devils will NEVER go back to this full time, but as a once or twice a year alternate it's become tradition to look forward to seeing these jerseys take to the ice around March 16th, even if they look December 25th. The white jersey doesn't quite have the same Christmas spirt to it, but just enough it does so more than the Mooseheads or Wild.

Name suggestions

CCM- Driver, Dayenko, Terrari, Burke, Shanahan, Statsny, Muller
Edge- Jagr, Zubrus, Schneider, Zajac, Kovalchuk, Ponikarovsky, Greene, Elias

Montréal Canadiens 1910-11/2009-10

The odd one out of the Centennial jerseys in terms of connecting to the current Habs brand and my personal favourite of the Centennial throwback, this was a jersey the oozed Christmas. Once again it's the logo that seals it for me here, but the all white numbers and canvas gloves do add a little holiday style to a pretty plain jersey. It's a shame this has only been worn for a season and a pocket change worth of games in the past 106 years, but it's one jersey I think worth rolling out this time of year if you're lucky enough to get one!

Name Suggestions: Price, Goinsta, Plekanec, Markov, Halak, Cammalleri, Gomez, Hamrlik

Any jerseys bring out the Christmas Spirit in you? Comment below which ones you think are the most festive!
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