All NHL Teams to Have Alternates for 2018/19 Season

According to a very reliable sports retailer, all 31 NHL teams will have alternate jerseys for the 2018/19 season (next season)!

This certainly would be unprecedented as there has never been a season in NHL history where every team has had an official alternate jersey.


Teams such as Detroit, Montreal, and Chicago certainly make this news very intriguing as those teams have rarely (especially the Red Wings) used an alternate jersey. All 31 teams wearing an alternate jersey is likely a move to continue to increase jersey sales past Adidas initial offering this season.


With this news we now look to the good readers of HJC. Get the creative juices flowing. What will the Red Wings alternate look like? What would you like to see your team wear? Start making some concepts and send them into HJC (concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com)

We'd also love to hear from you on what you think your team and other teams will wear next season as an alternate.
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Ben Shaffer said...

I haven't seen the Red Wings alternate yet and I already hate it.

Caz said...

Wow, looks like the jersey community will have no shortage of concept material for the coming year. Looking forward to having a potentially non-boring Predators jersey, and watching “Original Six” fans lose their minds over it. I’m hoping for a full “Turn Ahead The Clock” third for Montreal.

Anonymous said...

In an ideal world:
Anaheim: Jade and Eggplant Mighty Ducks jersey
Arizona: Full-coyote logo on a chest stripe with the base color being black. Chest stripe sand with brick outline, a la Florida
Boston: Throwback to either 30's or 50's
Buffalo: 2018 WC
Calgary: Original white jersey throwback
Carolina: Black jersey with full, non-subliminated hurricane stripes and previous Alternate's logo
Chicago: 40's white jersey throwback
Colorado: Previous alternate
Columbus: Previous alternate
Dallas: Combination of 90's Black jersey and current color scheme/logo
Detroit: 2016 SS
Edmonton: Previous home
Florida: Blue alternate with Tan and Red striping
Los Angeles: Purple jersey with yellow, and black striping and 00's crown logo (recolored)
Minnesota: Wheat script jersey?
Montreal: 2016 WC
Nashville: Previous jersey set rebecomes main, blue jersey similar to the one up for COTW (forgot who's it was)
New Jersey: Previous jersey set rebecomes main, black alternate with unused logo
Rangers: 2018 WC
Islanders: Orange alternate with full logo (aka away with white and orange swapped outside of logo)
Ottawa: Previous third and 2011 HC become main, red jersey with current logo and olive branch striping
Philadelphia: 00's black jerseys with logo's colors swapped as follows: black becomes white, white become orange, orange becomes black
Pittsburgh: 2017 SS
San Jose: Black jersey with inaugural striping, Los Tribunes logo
St Louis: Previous Alternate
Tampa Bay: Previous alternate with away's logo
Toronto: 2017 CC
Vancouver: Green jersey with blue and white striping and Jonny Canuck logo
Vegas: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Washington: WEAGLE (in blue)
Winnipeg 2016 HC

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