2018 Stadium Series Swag Unveils New Logos

The last NHL outdoor game this season is also the last to unveil its jerseys, as we have yet to see either the Maple Leafs or Capitals jerseys despite the event logo being unveiled back in November. Earlier this week, similar to the NHL100 swag, Fanatics dropped some swag for fans, that intentionally or not gave us a better look at some of the logos to be used.

Here we get a nice up close look at the logos that we'll likely see on the jerseys we saw back in November, placed on the back of a simplified anchor from the bottom of the event logo. We can see that this Leafs logo is not the version we saw back at the 2017 CC, but rather the usual Leafs home logo. The Caps logo again is a shortened version of their current script logo with 3 stars above the script to resemble the DC flag. 

However this isn't just old news, as Washington unveiled another logo we have not seen yet, similar to the popular W logo worn on the 2015 Winter Classic. 

So here we see the usual Stadium Series event logo, a regular Maple Leafs primary logo...and then this Washington logo. Now it's not an exact copy of the 2015 W logo, being a lot shorter and slightly wider, but with the same Washington Monument tip in the middle of the W. I would assume this is going to be a shoulder patch of some sort as it was not shown back in November, but who knows? Maybe the Caps logo is just a helmet logo or arm logo and this is the real primary. I'd doubt it as the Caps logo seems to be more fitting with the modern theme Stadium Series tend to go with.

Thanks to Russian Machine Never Breaks for breaking the news! 
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