Wednesday: Hawks and Rangers

Only Hawks and Rangers stuff this Wednesday here at HJC. Luck of the draw, but nonetheless I welcome you to the Wednesday post here at HJC. Also, keyword Hawks, not Blackhawks....

VOTES: Islanders Redesign Comp has reached the voting stage. Top 3 for you to vote for, and as an Islander fan, only a few I would actually want as an alternate to the main set. Let's see if your top 3 agree with mine.


 COTW Nov 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 NYI ReDesign Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 


Avi S: Chicago Blackhawks Concept

The key to the concept here is when moving from the black base color to the white, the striping stays in the same exact pattern, with black and red swapped. The white stays in place and then molds back into the base color of the jersey. The hem is the same way but in reverse. The white you see on both, the bottom stripe is swapped red to black, but looking in transition from the white jersey to the black one, the swap from red to black blends in seamlessly into the base color of the jersey. No number trim needed. I could live without the shoulder patches and the black yoke on the white jersey.

Rating: 93%

Avi S: New York Rangers Alternate Concept

I remember I tried a similar idea to what I saw here, but this is clearly much cleaner and much more rational than my attempt. I like the changes made here. The striping is tamer, the simpler numbers are better, and the hem isn't barren. Not sold on the pants, but I think this would make for a fine alternate. Plus the reason the design works is the arms mirror the pattern in the logo: White, thin blue and white stripes, a thick blue stripe (which contains the Rangers wordmark in the logo), and thin white and blue stripes before going into the red.

Rating: 87%

Cole W: Portland Winterhawks (WHL) Concept

These are the current Winterhawks jerseys on the new Adidas template. Probably my easiest rating ever here. I don't review completely unoriginal ideas and laziness. NEXT!

Rating: 0%

Nick B: Chicago Blackhawks Concept

This concept is similar to the Blackhawks black alternate they've had from 1996-2009 (excluding the first year of the Reebok Edge system), but the white and red are reversed. Combined with the alternate logos on the striping pattern, it makes for a good jersey, a realistic look, but a bit too much of a conservative look (not politically). While this is the current pant pattern they use, it looks awkward against every other set of stripes here. Separate them. The outline is a plus. Also to the other writers, this template CAN work. it does here. It's just a matter of what it's used for as to whether or not it can work...

Rating: 83%

Nick B: New York Rangers Concept

Like here, the template works again. A simple jersey, modeled after the Rangers blue jerseys from 1978-1997, though navy and with the Lady Liberty logo. The removal of silver from the logo actually helps, plus the removal of the shadow from the numbers gives this jersey it's own identity. I can't give full credit because the Rangers have had this striping pattern before, and this is essentially a modern tweak to that classic jersey (that I personally despise).

Rating: 84%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another week gone by here at HJC. I'll see if next week I can get detailed photos of the new Rangers Winter Classic jerseys, as my new job is at a sporting goods retailer that shall remain nameless, and we sell those jerseys now. Also I'm working on confirming a rumor regarding an Islanders alternate jersey for next year. Stay tuned on that. 
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Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Nick's NYR

John E. said...

Avi's Blackhawks concept for COTW.

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