Wednesday: Artist Appreciation Day

Welcome to another Wednesday Post here at HJC. We have SIX concepts here today so I want to thank you all for submitting them today.  LET'S GET TO THEM!

COMPETITIONS: Islanders Comp Entries are rolling in and are due FRIDAY! Here are the entries so far:

Phil B:

MERCH: So with my luck of course, after I left for Barclays Center last Thursday, something arrived
at my door:

Ironically I wore a Fisherman jersey to the game that night, as the Islanders defeated the Hurricanes 6-4. Would have liked to worn this shirt there but I'll save it for another game. You can buy yours at the link above. Also we have new designs in the works so watch this space...

Also buy some stickers. They're dirt cheap

WHY IS THERE A CATERPILLAR ON YOUR FACE? No that's just my Movember mustache. I've been growing out the stache to raise awareness for men's health and suicide prevention. A friend of mine named Matt has had this fundraiser page going because the cause is near and dear to his heart too. He has raised just over $1,000, reaching his goal, but there's still an opportunity to donate at the link below the picture.

(Matt on the right, me on the left. DONATE HERE: https://us.movember.com/mospace/2924125)

SPECIAL FINDS: Now that I work at a sporting goods retailer that shall remain nameless, look what I found for sale.

These are much worse in person. I like the small crest opposite the Nike logo, but I'm not buying this or the navy one. No thank you.


 COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET) 
 NYI ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon ET) 


Ben S: Bowling Green State Falcons (NCAA) Concept

An interesting crossover look that would look very good on the ice, though I'd ask for two things: 1) removal of the pant script, as that doesn't cross over well, and 2, brown sleeve numbers with an orange outline to better match the white jersey. Now on the college level I actually like how they model some hockey helmets to be like football helmets, specifically Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan. Now because this is a college concept, I'll pass that and I'll pass the wordmark logo instead of an actual logo, although the actual BGSU logo is quality enough to appear on the front of the jersey. The cuffs I could live without.

Rating: 89%

Ben S: Los Angeles Kings Concept

Well THAT got crazy quickly. There is a LOT going on here. Now with sleeve pattern the way it is, I could argue that the shoulder numbers could be moved down into the purple stripe between the patterns. This would make for a great warm-up jersey, or maybe a one off specialty jersey, though not a full-time alternate. Not sold on the logo choice, as I feel it clashes thematically with the rest of the jersey.

Rating: 86%

Jets96: New York Islanders Concept

I fear that giving my opinion on this jersey will sway opinions in regards to the Islanders comp, but I'll go on ahead anyway. When I first saw this I immediately thought of outlines. A white outline on the logo of the blue jersey, an outline on the shoulder logos and a few outlines on the numbers and lettering. I could use some teal on the pants or no striping like the original sets. This is a major tone-down of the original set and I feel that it takes away from the logo a bit. The logo is different. Maybe not make something as crazy as the lovable abomination that was the original fisherman jersey, but something a bit more exciting than this.

Rating: 83%

Lucas D: New York Islanders Concept

This concept reminds me about that awful first Reebok-Edge jersey the Oilers came out with, but the difference was piping and the stripes on the opposite side of the sleeves. A better look for sure than that one, but my concern is that if these are supposed to be matching outside of the under-arms and the body, I'd think the collars should match. Helmets should be swapped in terms of presentation. The socks are also identical for no reason. The upper sock should have blue above the orange stripe. Maybe add pant stripes?

Rating: 79%

Matt G: Farjestad BK (SHL) Concept

I am liking this new logo. A lot cleaner, a lot simpler and one that with a simple alternate logo creates a great alternate jersey. I'm personally not a fan of how low the striping is on the arms, or that the shoulder striping does not match. But nonetheless a better look for this club. I love the laurel pattern on the alternate. Maybe yellow numbers? I think that would work well.

Rating: 88%

Noah K: The Bats (KIHL) Concept

I'm a fan of jerseys that have silhouettes on them, like the roller coaster seen here, or if I may go to soccer for a bit, the Manchester United Third Kit for the 2017-18 season, which features a silhouette of the United Trilogy Statue (George Best, Denis Law and Sir Bobby Charlton). A simple pattern otherwise, which I think could better help the design stand out if black was minimized and possibly silver added to the arms. The retro logo doesn't really do it for me, and the contemporary logo is pixelated. The numbers on the back look squished, and with no hem pattern to go with it, that really hurts the overall look. Now what would be creative is if you modified the logo a bit to include an S on the end.

Rating: 67%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Another week gone by. Thank you so much for sending in your concepts. I have a few in the works but with my new job starting literally 2 days before Black Friday, and I'm in retail, it'll be interesting to find some time to finish up some of my work. I also am working on some Islanders jersey news. STAY TUNED.
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