Sunday: That's No Moon...

Welcome back to HJC. This may look like a normal Sunday post from Steve, but as you're approaching, you realize what this is. This is Ben, the Tuesday writer, writing this hook intro to pull you in like a tractor beam, and you're too engrossed with my writing to break off. To my knowledge, Steve hasn't been destroyed by the Death Star, but I'll be reviewing concepts today nonetheless.

No new Islanders entries have been submitted as of Saturday night. Our COTW vote is the Calvinism of voting, with the winner of it predestined. But which concept will Noah win with? That's up to you! Give a vote for the design you like the best.

COTW Nov 10-16
NYI entries due Fri @ noon

Noah B.- Sidney Swans

Noah continues his AFL series, now reaching the east coast of the continent with the Sydney Swans. You really missed an opportunity with a P. Sherman and 42 for the name and number, but I, and my childhood, digress. The Swans' currently look doesn't lend itself well to a hockey design, so Noah does the right thing here by forging a new path. I like the dark set, the double striping pattern is a good go-to hockey look, and fits especially well with the V on the crest. The light set doesn't match the same level; the yoke is unnecessary and breaks the theme of dual stripes, as it's just a single block. The swans on the sleeves were well intentioned, but would have fit better as shoulder patches. I've mentioned this before, but I highly encourage a presentation with a side view of the pants.

Grade: B, with my COTW nomination

Steven G.- Team Canada

Steven wraps us up for the day with a set for what I'm assuming the 2018 Olympics. First off, it would take a lot to convince me that black can work as a Canada color, and this doesn't have it. Red and white are fine, just look across the river from Windsor to see how good it is. One trend I wish would catch on is text or wordmarks on the crest. Steven not only applies it, but excels with it here. The stretched text pairs well with chest stripe, giving it a strong horizontal element. A hem stripe would have really sold it, though. Normally I would say that no stripes on the pants comes across as lazy, but it was the right move here. The vertical stripe(s) on the pants would have too easily broken the strong horizontal emphasis you've created.

Grade: C-

That's all the fun I have for today, but I'll be back with more on Tuesday! Until then, keep your stick on the ice.

Sunday: That's No Moon... Reviewed by Ben Shaffer on November 19, 2017 Rating: 5


Noah B said...

It actually isn't a swan on the sleeves, it's the Sydney Opera House. I tried to keep one element of their current jumpers on this set.

Unknown said...

The e-mail shown at the top of the webpage is the submission inbox, right?

I am now trying my hand at making concepts and make sure I am submitting them right.

Ryan said...


Unknown said...

Okay thanks

Ryan said...

I 2nd Noah for COTW!

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