Sunday: And All is Right With HJC!

Good afternoon Everybody. I've got a special treat for you folks today. We have SIX concepts to view today. Before we get to that, I'd like to say thanks to Ben for covering for me last week.

Don't forget that we have COTW voting as well as the voting for the New York Islanders comp!

COTW Nov 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
NYI ReDesign Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Ok let's get to it!

Adam G- Ottawa Senators
Positives: I really like the black jersey. I was a little disappointed that the Sens didn't use a black jersey for the 100 classic but that's just personal things. As for the striping, I like the simple two stripes with the side profile logo. It works really well overall.
Negatives: That cutoff of the hem stripe on the waist is a bit annoying. Also, That striping at the bottom of the jersey at the bottom of the jersey is so thin it would be almost impossible to see it even from a moderate distance. Finally, the old sens number don't really work on this jersey. Go with some form of a block numbering.
Overall: 7/10 

Anthony C- NHL 100 Classic
Positives: This is one of those concepts where it's more of a fix of the jerseys. That's not a bad thing though because both teams fell flat on the designs. Good choice on the use of silver in the Senators uniform. While they're more of a gold accent team, the silver works  as an accent in this way. Also, good job of separating the hem striping on the Canadiens jersey. it looks a lot better than what they chose with.
Negatives: Overall, I wish you did more with both jerseys to make them more unique than a modification of the current jerseys. Nitpicking, the white numbers on the Ottawa jerseys are a little hard to read with the two tone striping behind it. Also, where's the NHL 100 classic patch?
Overall: 6.5/10

Cole W- Medicine Hat Tigers 
Positives: Another slight modification of a jersey currently worn by the team, There really isn't much of a difference for me to judge this on other than it's on the Adidas template. I like that you made the hem striping a little more equal though.
Negatives: I'd like to see a little more creativity than just slapping the current design on a new template. The tigers have such a unoriginal design that it would be nice to see someone make a new design for them instead of bringing it over to the Adidas template.
Overall: 4/10

Jets96, Washington Capitals
Positives: Love how you're bringing back the Capitals' 90 colors and numbering similar to what they had used before. As for striping, the half sleeve kind of works but it feels rushed to me.
Negatives: Jets I mean this in the kindest way possible:  WHAT THE ACTUAL F%^& WERE YOU THINKING? There are too many stars on the sleeves for my liking (also, it could cause movement problems). Speaking of the sleeves, the front of the jersey's stitching would line up with the striping on the sleeves so that needs fixed. That little hem on the jersey doesn't do this design justice and the blue pants would just ruin this. Make them black!
Overall: 7/10

Nick B- Philadelphia Flyers
Positives: This is a really nice template you have here Nick. It gives the jerseys a different look and I like that. AS for the design, this is a really nice twist on a iconic design for the Flyers. You use striping that on the arms that hasn't been used by the Flyers before and you balance that pretty well with white accents on the black jersey.
Negatives: It more has to do with the template than with the design of the jersey. The folded sleeves do limit the view of the whole design, but on this design you really worked it off. Just some food for thought in the future. Also, get rid of that half colored collar on the jersey.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Nick B- Toronto Maple Leafs 
Positives: Mainly what I like about this is the fact that this could possible be a alternate jersey that the Leafs could use or something that they could use in Annapolis. As for the overall design itself, though, it's pretty standard for the Leafs.
Negatives: This design is, basically, a copy of the first alternate jersey that the Leafs used during the Edge era with just the new logo slapped on and , I assume, a squared collar. Like I've said to the others, be a little more unique!
Overall: 5/10

Ok that's all I have for you guys today. On the news of Jersey Casual, stop by the Redbubble site today to see our latest design. Sure, they've been delayed but that has to do with delays in getting our designer's computer (myself) fixed. Have a good week and I'll see you guys next week!
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