2018 NHL Winter Classic Sweaters

On Wednesday the 2018 Winter Classic sweaters for the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers were revealed.

Buffalo went first with their reveal.

They provided us with some sneak peek images the day before the reveal and those images gave us a good idea as to what we would see.

Photo from Official Buffalo Sabres Twitter (@BuffaloSabres)

We got a great view of the back of the jersey which will use a classic serifed font and solid block numbers.
Photo from Official Buffalo Sabres Twitter (@BuffaloSabres)
As was noted with the previews the day prior, we got a new style collar from the Sabres. The full Buffalo with script logo is on the left shoulder and the Winter Classic patch is on the right shoulder. The collar has a wool effect on the front that terminates into a standard collar in the back. Double gold stripes are on the arms and hems and are outlined in royal blue. The classic Sabres crest has been cleaned up and the letters NY now appear at the bottom.

It seems the Sabres have really hit a homerun with this jersey. This team has a history of disappointing their fans when it comes to jersey designs, but this particular offering does not seem to fall into the category. This is one Winter Classic jersey that I will fully support seeing as an full-time alternate next season.

HJC Rating: 9.5/10


The New York Rangers revealed their Winter Classic jerseys on Friday.

Photo from New York Rangers Official Twitter (@NY Rangers)
The Rangers really seemed to take a back seat to the Sabres as far as hyping the release of their sweater. While the Sabres promoted the release and provided teaser images, the Rangers made a couple of quick and quirky videos with their equipment manager. The exact date and time of the unvieling was never really made official.

What we got was a dark navy blue jersey. The NY shield logo that we saw at the logo reveal in September was not used as a primary crest, rather the Blueshirts stuck with tradition and went with the diagonal wordmark reading RANGERS across the front. The NY Shield logo however, is used as a front jersey patch, a unique move to keep this from being another navy Rangers jersey. On top of this, we get the yoke strips, reserved for the classic Rangers away jersey, used on a dark jersey for the first time in franchise history! The NY shield will change to have either and A or C in it for the Assistant Captains and Captain.

Photo from New York Rangers Official Twitter (@NYRangers)
On the arms and hem arm broad red stripes outlined in white. The NOB and numbers are a new font we have not seen from the Rangers before. Overall this jersey has surpassed expectations, gone with a European style most fans were not expecting and put both teams in jerseys their fans will love.

HJC Rating: 9/10
Jets96 gives these his rare perfect 10/10, only ever given to Montréal's WC jersey from 2015-16 and Winnipeg's HC jersey from 2016-17

You will see these uniforms on the ice January 1st, 2018 at the Winter Classic at Citi Field in New York City (where the Sabres will be the home team?!?!?!) Based on past years you can bet that these jerseys will be worn indoors as well at least a couple of times.

2018 NHL Winter Classic Sweaters Reviewed by Ryan on November 24, 2017 Rating: 5


Burkus Circus said...

Jesus, those are beautiful.

Geoff said...

The details that are different from the leak to the actual jersey for the Rangers actually has me considering buying one.

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