Wednesday: Serves Me Right

Well after that post last week celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Leafs last Cup win, I come to you this week with payback from Toronto as they demolish the Isles 7-1.

I'll probably not learn from this and continue to run my mouth about the Isles.

NEWS: Nothing to report at the moment as the sports design world is focused on MLS kit releases, NBA jersey ads (ugh) and MLB Spring Training. But stay tuned, as Edmonton and Minnesota have to decide on which jersey to bring to the Adidas system, since alternates are prohibited for the first year.

VOTES: COTW-January. You're probably thinking, "Didn't we do this s*** already?" Yes we did. Let's do it again! Also the usual COTW. Get on it!

COMPS: Pairs Comp! We need more than 4 teams. I'm sending Ryan an email about my pairing shortly.


COTW Feb 3-9 vote
Pairs Comp due March 3


Danny R: St. Louis Eagles Concept

Danny sets the Eagles up as an AHL team for the Blues, designing this without yellow, outside of the beak in the logo, borrowed from the University of Southern Mississippi and recolored to look better. I'm not a fan of leaving out yellow. The alternate is based on the Eagles original look and the wordmark around the Blues original unused logo. Pretty standard concept, nothing special.

Rating: 75%

Jake M: Calgary Flames Concept

It seems like the Flames are the guinea pig team here when it comes to experimenting with gradients. I guess because the yellow to red gradient looks good. The deeper red and yellow help the gradient look a bit, as well as the exclusion of white. No complaints here.

Rating: 89%

Mike F: Team Germany Concept

Let's examine the first two jerseys first. Pretty standard look, full sleeve yoke pattern, hem stripe patterned after the flag of Germany. Gloves should not have white if white is only going to be used as a logo outline on the jersey. The third jersey is incredible. It continues the yoke pattern from the previous two, but the hem stripe is interrupted by three stripes in the pattern of the flag shooting up to different heights on the jersey at an angle. The logo is moved to the upper corner, almost like a soccer jersey. I like it. The entire concept however is ruined by the "Vintage" concept on the bottom. Two different shades of black never work. Ever. Logo is also a bit small.

Rating: 76%

Ryan C: Vegas Golden Knights Concept

Ryan uses grey as the dominant color here, with a full sleeve yoke interrupted by traditional and simple arm striping. The striping is then flipped for the hem so that the color pattern matches between the hem and the sleeves. I think this could use a shoulder logo and maybe a pant stripe. Clean otherwise and a nice look.

Rating: 85%

Tyler M-S: New York Islanders Concept

Here's the typical Islanders concept you see here oftentimes at HJC. 4 stripes, alternating colors on each stripes between blue and orange (or white depending on the base of the jersey). I'm not a fan of the logo colored that way for two reasons: 1) I don't like the navy blue over the royal blue. 2) The logo doesn't look great as a colored logo over the white. While the numbers on the back help it, it's not the best idea I've seen. The idea of road alternates I'm 100% in favor for, and hopefully we'll see if the NHL opens up to 2 alternates for the 2018-19 season as I reported here.

Rating: 77%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



And that does it for me this week, as I look forward to the Battle of New York on Thursday. Don't forget to continue sending in concepts, because we can't do it without you. See you next week!
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JJ Anderes said...

I'll second Jake M

winnipegjets96 said...

Mike F. for COTW

Steven Grant said...

I'll third Jake M for COTW. The deeper red and yellow (and no white) colour scheme looks great, and I like the subtle gradient as well.

Unknown said...

I'll 2nd Mike F

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