Tuesday:Hockey Valentine's Day

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! There's no news, so here's some funny Hockey Valentine's day cards!
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On to the concepts!!!


Ben S.- Bowling Green State University (NCAA) 
Ben starts off the concepts for today with a concept for the Bowling Green Falcons! 
  • I really like the orange base for the sweater
  • N&#OB fonts works really well with the sweater
  • I like the striping pattern
  • Good logo choices

  • Logo looks a little big
    • The logo also shouldn't have the trademark logo on the sweater
  • N&#OB look a little small
  • NOB should also have a brown outline, as the plain white will be a little hard to see

My rating: A good concept for the Falcons, but a few execution errors are holding it back. 7/10

Lucas D.- Laval Rocket (AHL) 
Next up we get a fix for the new Laval Rocket, the Habs latest affiliate! 

  • I like the simplified logo set
  • I like the stripes on the arm
  • Number font looks good


  • That Rocket Richard patch is a little bit creepy
    • I like the direction you were going in with shield there, but just Maurice as the patch is weird

My rating: A simpler fix for a team that really needs it! 8/10

Steven G.- Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
Steven continues his NHL Double Series with the Chicago Blackhawks

  • I'm only going to say one thing for the Ideal set, as it's pretty much identical to the current set. I LOVE the tiedown! 
  • I really like the combination of eras for the New Look hawks
    • The striping pattern is fantastic! 
  • The logo is great! 
  • I also really enjoy the red pants for the black sweater! Black pants is also a good choice for the road jersey.
    • The historical triangles on the breezers is fantastic! 
  • I also like the color balance on the gloves for the New look


  • The New Look sweaters are a little top heavy... They could use a better tail stripe
  • You should treat every concept as realistic, so having two pairs would be a logistical nightmare... 

My rating: A great look either way! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 

Mike F.- Team Belarus (IIHF) 
Here we get Matt continuing his IIHF redesign! 
  • I like how balanced the regular jerseys are. The decision to use red pants and a green helmet looks fantastic! 
  • The vintage alts. also look great! 
    • Even though the large stripes are not equal thickness, you kept the middle stripe in the same spot for all of the jerseys. Props for consistency
  • I do like the green pants for the dark alt. 
  • I like the flag pattern on the tail stripes and socks of the regular jerseys.
  • I really like the collars on all the jerseys! 

  • I don't like how the sleeves of the regular sweaters don't have the flag pattern
  • The flag patches are not needed...
  • Every single one of the logos has a different shade of red and/or green than the one that you use on the sweaters...

My rating: A decent concept for the Belarusians, but it still needs a little bit of work... 7/10 

Ryan C.- Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL; CHL)
Ryan finishes off the concepts for today with a redesign of the Hamilton Bulldogs! 

  • I like how you got rid of white altogether! 
  • The simple striping looks great
  • The logo is fantastic! 


  • It's a little too simple...
  • I'd like to see gloves, and how the color balance might be affected by that
  • You also forgot the CHL logo on the bottom back of the sweater

My rating: A decent looking concept, and much better than the odd penguins copies, but it's not exactly remarkable... 7/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more! 
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