Tuesday: LOLOL I think I forgot a title today...

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! 

(So I forgot to add a title when I made this... So hence the stupid title) 

Nothing new for news today, so we'll pretty much dive right into it! 

First I want to congratulate Avi on his COTY victory! That's a tough thing to win, and you have to be very good to get that far. Way to go Avi! I'm always impressed with your work! 

We also have the Pairs Comp. going on right now, as well as voting for the St. Louis Eagles contest, so don't forget about that! 

COTW Jan 27 - Feb 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
St Louis Eagles Competition vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Please declare your Pairs Competition team and division

On to the concepts! 


Jay S.- Florida Everblades (ECHL)
Jay's first concept of the day is for the Florida Everblades of the ECHL!

  • I really like the cluttered messy look the piping adds. It may sound odd, but it works for a team named after a swamp. 
  • Home jersey looks fantastic! 
  • I really like the green jersey, along with that green helmet! 
  • Good font choice
  • While I like all the piping on the home and road, it doesn't look the best on the alt, as it messes with the more traditional look you have going on there
  • Numbers could use some more green on the regular, and more blue on the alt.
  • Road jersey also needs some more green
  • I don't mind the re-colored affiliate patches, but the Checkers logo shouldn't have black in it, if your going to recolor it. 
My rating: A solid, modern look for a more modern team! 7.5/10

Jay S.- Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL) 

Jay's second concept of the day belongs to another ECHL team, the Kalamazoo Wings!

  • Striping looks fantastic!
  • I really like the more traditional look for a team that I feel should be more traditional.
  • Good choice in ditching the silver
  • The chest stripe works really well with the logo.
  • The road jersey needs more blue... 
  • The logo on the white jersey will also be hard to see from a distance
  • The main gloves could use a little more red... Also the red helmet and gloves on the alt, make a little too much red for that jersey...
  • Also the Gradient on the alt looks pretty bad, and would be hidden most of the time anyways. It feels like you went with a GFGS (Gradient for a Gradient's Sake) Not really because it was the best thing to do...
My rating: A decent look for this team, but a few details obscure it... 7/10

Lucas D.- Florida Panthers (NHL)

Next up, we have a Florida Panthers concept from Lucas! 

  • I really like the modified striping pattern, to add more blue!
  • I also like that you went with red numbers on the road sweater, because you added more blue to the main set. 
  • I'm neutral on dropping the chest stripe, but it does look good so... 
  • I love the leaping panther on the pants! 
  • Simple blue equipment looks great! 
  • The NHL 100 patch looks a little blurry, otherwise nothing! 
My rating: A fantastic update, that makes a great set better! 10/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!!!!!

Mike F.- USSR Red Army National Team

Mike continues his international redesign, including former countries! Here he does the olf USSR

  • I like the Minnesota-esque (And historical) striping on the home and road
  • The fourth jersey is fantastic, and works really well in bringing yellow into the color scheme.
  • Number font looks good
  • I like the sickle and hammer logos on the alts.
  • The 3rd jersey has WAY to much yellow
  • As much as I understand the historical side of the striping on the main jerseys, they would look so much better, if they had the same striping pattern... And since you did the socks with the Wild pattern, preferably that pattern.
  • And speaking of historical elements, what happened to the CCCP logo? That logo would work much better than the sickle n' hammer in a star
  • Also, I feel like jerseys should be in Russian... 
My rating: A good looking traditional set for the Soviets. Unfortunately, it has some of the same errors that a traditional look might have... 8/10

Ryan C.- Florida Panthers (NHL)  

Ryan gives us another Florida team concept, our third of the day! 
  • The striping pattern looks good
  • That number font is fantastic! 
  • The leaping panther logo looks great!
  • I do like the shoulder yoke, and patches
  • Red pants, and the logo look amazing! 
  • Blue was a great choice for the body of the jersey. 
  • I like the shoulder yoke bar, but I don't like that the area around the collar is gold. It just looks bad
  • The whole jersey also feels top-heavy. It needs some tail stripes to balance it out. 
  • The jersey part of the image is blurry and pixelated 
My rating: It's almost there, but it would still be a fantastic jersey to see on the ice. 8.5/10

Zack H.- St. Louis Blues (NHL) 

The last concept of the day goes to Zack and the St. Louis Blues! 

  • The simple, traditional striping pattern looks great! 
  • I do like the lighter blue taking more of a dominant role in the set!
  • The larger shoulder yoke actually works well here
  • Unfortunately, you shoehorn the navy into this set. It seems just like an afterthought, and not really a real effort to try and combine the navy and light blue
    • All you'd need to do is add the navy to the stripes... 
  • I don't like the yellow captain's patch on the road jersey. That would be way to hard to see from the stands... 
My rating: A great set for the Blues, but the navy is too forced... 7/10 


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more! 
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