Tuesday: St. Pats for St. Pat's Day

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! A pretty big story coming out of Toronto, as the Leafs officially unveiled their St. Pats throwback jerseys for St. Patrick's day! 
I think it's fantastic! The style is loosely based off of the 1922-1925 St. Pats sweaters. The original version included light beige pants and gloves, but these will have a more appropriate green equipment, and a white helmet. I don't have any official pics of the back side, but the chest stripe continues all the way around the back side. Well, sorta...

All of the numbers are green and are heavily inspired by the font from the wordmark. The back numbers are placed on white panels, like a vintage jersey, and they have a little bit of a gap in between, showing some of the green of the chest stripe. That's at least from an unofficial picture that I saw on twitter. (lol) So it looks like the chest stripe is broken up, but a blank jersey would have a solid green back stripe. 

These would be fantastic to see as an alt all year, but at the very least, they need to have these come out once a year for St. Patrick day! (Just imagine the Green Devils vs. The St. Leafpats on March 17th!)

My rating for these... 10/10!!! Let me know what you think about them in the comments below... 

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On to the Concepts!!!! 


Matt G.- Kootenay Ice (WHL;CHL) 
Matt here redesigns the Kootenay Ice with a new logo set! (Not made by him though) 

  • I love the new logo. it's much better than the 90's stick-wielding monster!
    • Good job giving the other artist credit
  • The mountain striping pattern looks great!  
  • The yellow stripe looks great on the road jersey...
  • I like the gloves
  • The yellow stripe on the blue jersey blends into the white and really creates the YOWSyndrome 
  • The numbers could use some yellow, along with the rest of the main jerseys... 
My rating: Everything overall is ok, but it seems a little bare, and could use something more... 7.5/10 

Matt C.- Whalers/Hurricanes Cross (NHL) 
Matt gives us the second concept of the day, and Whalers-Canes mix of eras! 

  • I love the colors! The Canes should have never ditched this scheme! 
  • I like the striping pattern... 
  • Font looks great! 
  • The recoloring of the logo is good


  • The white jersey should not have a silver outline, a green one would look much better...
  • The silver over all is distracting...
  • The Warning Flag pattern on the white jersey should not be reversed, both jerseys should have the same Warning Flag pattern
  • I'd also like to see some equipment

My rating: A good crossover, but it could still use some work... 7/10 

Taylor R- Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) 
The third concept of the day comes from Taylor for the Columbus Blue Jackets! 

  • Logo choices are fantastic! 
  • I like the striping pattern, including the identical pattern on the breezers!
  • Font looks good
  • The silver not touching any white is a good design choice!
  • I like the blue breezers, instead of red. It really helps keep the CBJ from looking too much like the Rangers... 


  • The silver seems a little unnecessary on the collar...
  • The overall design still feels too much like the Rangers 

My rating: A great design for the CBJs!  I'd really like to see something like this if the CBJ redesign their sweaters next year! 9/10 

Mike F.- Kazakhstan (IIHF) 
Mike continues his IIHF redesign with Kazakhstan! 

  • I like the darker color scheme for the regular uniforms!
  • The striping pattern is Absolutely fantastic! 
  • The color balance on all the jerseys are all great!
  • The vintage jersey looks very vintage, and has that overall feeling of the 60's.


  • I don't like the the teal flags on all the jerseys...
  • The logo on the white jersey should have a little more blue behind the logo to avoid the YOWSyndrome 
  • The gloves for the vintage alt should have the normal gloves, not a special pair with white

My rating: A fantastic set for a team that usually has Adidas/Nike piping crap... 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!! 

Zack H.- Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) 
Zack give us the last concept of the day for the Vegas Golden Knights! 

  • The striping pattern is good!
  • I like the balance between the gold and slate grey! 
  • Black equipment looks good


  • Remember to eliminate the template lines through the socks, it looks like another stripe
  • The numbers look squished, the black stripe should be dropped down to be closer to the gold stripe, or touching the gold stripe. 

My rating: A very nice concept that would be great for the Knights! It could still use a little bit of cleaning up... 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!
Tuesday: St. Pats for St. Pat's Day Reviewed by Chase A. Carlson on February 21, 2017 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Mike F. for COTW

Ben Shaffer said...

3rd Mike F for COTW.

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