Sunday: It's Like the Everlasting Fruit Cake!

Good afternoon all. Welcome back. I'd like to continue on with a former alternate jersey that just doesn't seem to die. That jersey is L.A's Burger King jersey. For some reason just keeps coming back like that dried, hard as a rock, near inedible fruit cake that elderly great aunt you have sends your family every year. Now, I'm somewhat of a fan of this jersey but like all good things that represent the 90's in one picture, I think that it should stay in the 90's.

It has shown up not once, but twice this year beginning with the Kings wearing them during warm ups before their game on Jan 14th against the Jets.

Photo from L.A. Kings Instagram
This was the first sighting of it. The second happened this past Friday with the Ontario Reign, the AAA affiliate, against the San Jose Barracuda.

Photo from Ontario Reign Instagram
Now if you're a fan of the jersey then this must be like Christmas (or a big tease) to you. However, it's just plain scary that this thing keeps popping up. Before you know it, some beer league team might request a jersey manufacturer such as Rebirth to create a variant of this and they would wear it with pride. Well I say DON'T! Leave this jersey design in the past where it belongs!

Anyways, we have the COTW voting going on as usual as well as the people who have entered in the Pairs Comp working diligently on their concepts.

Let's get to it!

Lucas D- Vancouver Canucks
Positives: What is really nice about this whole set is the fact that you took a alternate logo and successfully made it into the crest logo. The two different striping on the jersey works really well and, overall, it's a very simple but appeal set.
Negatives: I have no negatives for this jersey set.
Overall: 9/10

Mike F- Czech Republic 
Positives: I'm really liking this series of different style jersey you have here Mike. The different eras really stand out and show your level of dedication to each country. Out of all the four, I must say that I enjoy the bottom jersey the best. I'd have to say the arm stripping really sticks out but a close second is the jersey above it.
Negatives: That top jersey's yoke is horrendous. Please, for the love of all that is beautiful, do not try to incorporate the flag as a yoke design.
Overall: 8/10

  Mike F- Slovakia
Positives: I'd have to say that keeping all these pretty simple works really well. It's nice to see that you have to jerseys that could work as primaries and one from the 80's era and one that could be from the 50's or earlier. All designs look really good.
Negatives: I don't really have any negatives on these jersey except going with blue pants on the 80's jersey. Red would have looked a lot better.
Overall: 8/10

Noah B- Czech Republic 
Positives: Continuing with the Czech theme today, this design is wild. the split design is very daring and unique but being that you left the overall template traditional I have to say that you did a pretty good job of making sure that it doesn't look super busy.
Negatives: That being said, the only thing that holds this concept back is the different colored yoke. Not so much because of the fact that the shoulder's are different, but the fact that I can't how appealing it would be on the ice.
Overall: 8.5/10

 Ryan C- Montreal Candiens
Positives: The simplicity approach to a team who already has a simple but distinct jersey design? I like it Ryan. The simple two stripe design is a bold move on your part but I think you pulled it off. Well done.
Negatives: My only negatives about this design is the different striping on the pants. giving the pants a plain red or white stripe would work really well on such a simple design as compared to a single stripe with white accents.
Overall: 8.5/10

Tyler M.S.- New York Rangers  
Positives: A road alternate is a concept that I'm a real big fan of and this design is pretty nice if I do say so myself. The simple striping at the hem with the blue arm ends works really well with the logo on the front of the jersey.
Negatives: I'd like to see that drop shadow on the numbers of the jersey and maybe laces. Other than that, This is a nice jersey.
Overall: 8.5/10

I can't pick a winner this week because we had so many good ones so you guys come up with one and I might choose one later in the comments section. Have a good week and I'll see you all this time next week. 

Sunday: It's Like the Everlasting Fruit Cake! Reviewed by Steve Marc on February 19, 2017 Rating: 5


Geoff said...

The burger King jersey is the 2nd best jersey the kings ever had. Just behind the white Gretzky Era jersey. If they changed the colors on the numbers and logo where the whole jersey was shades of white, gray, black and silver possibly gold for the crown it would be their best. Not sure if they should change the logo placement to be centered and enlarge it or leave it as is. The Kings need a major overhaul and this should be a step towards a major improvement for them

Steve Marc said...

Let me clarify something. I like the jersey overall. However, if you constantly bring this jersey back you start to lose the nostalgia. It is a perfect representation of what the 90's were about when it came to hockey designs and doing all these one-off things with it devalues the jersey itself. It's kind of like having that treat you ate as a kid. You have it every now and then because it reminds you of your childhood but having too much loses the value of it.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Lucas D's Canucks set for COTW

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