Saturday: 2016 Concept of the Year

The winner of the 2016 Concept of the Year vote is...


The winner of the COTW vote for January 20-26 was DT Concepts!

Full Results

This was the fourth COTW vote of 2017 and this is our fourth different winner of COTW in 2017! Avalanche concepts that are blue and use the modified Rockies logo are very well received these days on the blog. That makes this no surprise that DT won. However it was an extremely close vote which shows the excellent level of concepts we are getting here at HJC.


The final group of COTW nominees for January have been posted on the side of the page in the black poll. You will see the poll if you are logged into any Google account (Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, etc.). Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern. This week we only had two concepts nominated and seconded and that will make this week's vote a head-to-head vote.


There were five entries into the Bring Back the St. Louis Eagles Competition. Either this was not an intriguing competition or everyone is just getting prepared for the Pairs Competition instead. Because there are only 5 entries, the vote is simply a Pick 1 vote. You pick what you believe to be the best entry. You can see the entries on the COMPETITION tab, which you can get to by clicking the blue banner at the top of the page. The winner of the vote will move into the next COTW vote. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern Time.


All of the rules for the Pairs Competition have been posted. Click the banner at the top of the page with the two green produce friends or go to the PAIRS COMPETITION 2017 tab to read all of the details. If you plan on taking part in this competition and you have your team set, please send us an email (concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com) letting us know your members and what division you will be in. You are not obligated to send in an entry after this, likewise if you do not declare your team you will not be excluded from this competition. I am just looking to get an idea how many teams there will be so I can create a tentative presentation schedule for March.


I wanted to throw out my opinions of the new Laval Rocket uniforms revealed this past week. I like them!


What I Like
- They tie into the Canadiens brand without wearing cloned sweaters of the big club
- The logo is simple, retro, and cool
- The numbers with the line through them match the logo and are unique to professional hockey
- The icicle on the back of the jersey (I'm skeptical whether this will actually make it onto the final product)
- Simple doesn't have to be boring and the Rocket have shown us this

What I Don't Like
- There are too many secondary logos on the sleeves. As if the designers and management group liked them all and couldn't settle on one to use as the official secondary
- The TV numbers being identical to the Maurice Richard tribute #9 logo. The TV numbers could have been in the same style as the numbers on the back or the logo could have been in the style (or at least coloured blue)

I give the new jerseys an 8.5 out of 10. Because this is not an official AHL template shown I do wonder how much of this jersey has been approved by the league and CCM and how different the jerseys we see in October on the ice will look.


COTW Jan 27 - Feb 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
St Louis Eagles Competition vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Please declare your Pairs Competition team and division
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JJ Anderes said...

Congrats Avi!!!

winnipegjets96 said...

Congrats Avi, with the obvious logo change and the addition of red this is hopefully what we'll see come jersey unveiling in Vegas!

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