Monday: Think Pink

Welcome to another Monday post, here on HJC!

First off, congrats Avi on winning COTY 2016! His Vegas concept certainly deserved to win and I think if the Golden Knights used those jerseys on the ice this fall we'd all be very happy! Avi, remember to email Ryan so he can email you your plaque or work out another arrangement.

Minor League Round-Up

We'll start of in Ontario, California! The Reign held their Pink in the Rink (I thought it was called Pink the Rink, maybe my high school was just weird), fittingly opting for black rather than a pink jersey.

Photo from Ontario Reign Official Twitter
Now here's something interesting, it may look like a Capitals template but I don't think it is. It looks more like a regular Reign/Kings jersey with pink side panels, pink piping and instead of striping we have ribbons. The incomplete nature of it reminds me of the old NYI jerseys from their dynasty run where some of the jerseys' arm stripes didn't finish. It's a pretty decent design and black and pink go well together.

Rating: 7/10

Not to be outdone, Adirondack hosted their own breast cancer awareness night, bringing back a familiar template we all missed.

Remember this template? I do, and call me crazy but I think it works for the ADR Thunder. It's nice to see the inclusion of the 35th anniversary of Adirondack hockey and ECHL ASG logo on the shoulders. The thing I like about this jersey is the grey...things...on each side of the logo actually match the logo and add some much needed colour. I don't think this would work using the Thunder's usual colours but if you wanna give it a try, there's a concept idea for you!

Rating: 7.5/10

Now this might not be a great cancer awareness night jersey, but it still fits in. The Toledo Walleye honoured the pink Power Ranger...yes I'm serious...

Photo from Toledo Walleye Official Twitter
Wow, okay! You know I would classify this as another screen print jersey, but the Walleye added not only their logo in pink, but their hook alternate logo and their exclusive font (which I happen to love). I think this will begin a trend where we see teams doing this, but until then I'll assume this is unique to the Walleye (who knows, maybe other teams will just use the other....6...7...I never watched Power Rangers). The heavily angled numbers really work for this jersey, and overall think for a one of jersey , it looks solid and adding all your normal logos to it really helps give a sense of legitimacy to this jersey. Just one question....Why would a Power Ranger ever wear a tie-down?

Rating: 8/10

In Wichita, the other ECHL Thunder are honouring heart health with these pulmonary jerseys.
Photo from Wichita Thunder Official Twitter
Like in the Senators jerseys, we get the recoloured Thunder logo that I think looks awesome! The jersey itself is weird. We have some sort of...fleshy...blood stained jersey, with Blackhawks striping that has EKG spikes on the front, back and one continuous one on the arms. The name bar is almost necessary given the pattern, and yeah I like it!

Rating: 7.75/10

Finally, we go to Rapid City...and Quad City...because they two teams wore throwbacks over the weekend and it reminded me of two other teams.

Photo from Quad City Mallards Official Twitter 
Now....who does this remind you of? I'll just leave this here and say I hope we get this in the NHL for just one game in an upcoming season. Also who knew you could put rounded numbers on the Kachina jerseys?!

Rating: 9/10 for both

COTW for 2017 rolls on into February. This week we have another battle for last week's, as well as the first monthly vote for COTW January. Give January's best a look over and vote on the side of the blog!

While you're at it, check out the St. Louis Eagles entries and vote for the best by clicking the blue tag above with the 70+ year old eagle holding a hockey stick

If you have a pairing for the Pears Competition, be sure to message Ryan and read ALL the rules regarding what Ryan expects of you for this competition. This year's theme is All Star Game, you pick the city, you pick the league, you pick the everything, it just has to be an ASG.

COTW Jan 27 - Feb 2 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
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Please declare your Pairs Competition team and division

On with today's 5 concepts!

Vegas Golden Knights Concepts (By: Zok Koncepts)

+ The white jersey does a good job using all 3 of Vegas's proposed secondary colours and the Minnesota Northstars looking striping works well
+ The font chosen looks great, I expect we'll get something similar
+ You know I think the 3 tier jersey works, at least as an alternate
+ Good execution

- The red on the jerseys doesn't match the red on the shoulder patch, and I think it would go better with the other colours if it did
-Outside of the logos and numbers, there's no real black on the jerseys, some little amount would do wonders

Rating: 7.75/10

Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Finally! A Bruins white jersey that predominantly features yellow that's a properly colour balanced with the yellow jersey
+ The modern logo surprisingly looks fitting on the 60s-70s striping
+ I mean it's not the most original design in the world but it looks really solid (I'd probably buy that white jersey)
+ Great execution

- The one change I would make would be black TV numbers on the yellow jersey
- Probably would have been a good opportunity to use a tie-down, but this is by no mean bad

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW Nom from me!

Elmira Jackals ECHL Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ Nice to see a jersey for Elmira that moves away from the buff-a-slug with a white helmet on a blue jersey the Jackals have had since forever
+ The amount of red on the blue jersey looks really nice
+ Blue numbers on a  red jersey look really nice
+ Good execution

- I like the idea of the B patches....but there is no B in Elmira or Jackals. I understand why they may chose to do this but to mean it looks weird
- Helmet logos?
- Captain's logos look small and hard to read

Rating: 8.5/10

Team Switzerland Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ Home and road are very simple, as they should be
+ The alternates call back on Switzerland's past jerseys that included black, which is nice for an alternate set
+ The chest stripe on the white alternate gives a really retro vibe I like
+ Good execution

- The size difference between the cross in the shield and the cross on its own kind of bothers me
- Get rid of the tie-down on the white alternate to help keep it looking...1996
- Maybe I'm just being nitpicky here, but I've always had a fondness for the SUISSE script from decades gone by
- The red alternate should have something on their pants

Rating: 8.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Zach H.)

+ Pretty solid striping! Very similar to the original/25th anniversary jerseys, but just noticeably different enough for me to notice
+ I think 99.9% of us would like the Sharks to adopt their original jerseys with the modern or Spanish  logos
+ Good execution

- NOB, numbers & captain's C/A are too thin
- Blank pants should have a logo on them
- Not a fan of the grey collar on the teal jersry

Rating: 7.5/10

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Anonymous said...

I literally just made a concept submission for geekyjerseys.com based off the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that looks just like the Toledo Walleye jersey featured, only mine is red and without a logo

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