Friday: NHL Uniform Countdown - Third Jerseys

Hello folks!

Do you remember back in the fall when I ranked the home and road jerseys of each NHL team?  I've been meaning to do the same for third jerseys, and I've decided now's as good a time as any.  This time though I'm going to do it all in one post, quickly counting down to number 6 and then I'll provide longer reviews of my top five jerseys.

I also want to note that I'm only ranking full-time third jerseys.  I'm not including any outdoor game jerseys (unless they were already third jerseys), any limited occasion vintage jerseys, or even any 50th anniversary jerseys.  I might rank all those specialty jerseys in a future post though.

Okay, here we go!

15.  Tampa Bay Lightning
I don't mind the black, but I dislike the "Bolts" script and the striping is generic.

14.  Columbus Blue Jackets
This jersey would be much, much better without vintage white.

13.  New York Islanders
It's a decent looking jersey, but it's not a good look for the Islanders in my opinion.

12.  San Jose Sharks
I think this jersey is underrated, but it's still not great.

11.  Carolina Hurricanes
I like how unique this jersey is, but it's starting to look dated, especially the number font.

10.  Minnesota Wild
This could challenge for the top spot if it used their primary logo on the front, and if it had no phantom yoke.

9.  Vancouver Canucks
I like this jersey on it's own, but it's just too similar to their home jersey.

8.  New York Rangers
I do think this jersey is overrated, but I also don't think it's a bad jersey, if that makes sense.

7.  Washington Capitals
I'll admit this jersey is dated, but I still like it.  I wouldn't want it as their home jersey though.

6.  Ottawa Senators
I like this as a third jersey, but it shouldn't be promoted.  The "O" logo isn't primary logo material.

5.  Colorado Avalanche
Colorado's third jersey is simple and modern, which I think works well in this case.  It also has a great font, and a very solid logo which both shows state pride and honours the city's previous NHL team (although, I don't think this logo should become the team's primary logo).  Sometimes I wonder if this jersey would look better paired with burgundy pants, but it's not like I dislike the navy blue pants.

4.  Anaheim Ducks
Not too long ago, the trend in the NHL was to use dark and drab colours.  I'm so glad those days are over, I much prefer colourful jerseys like this orange option from the Ducks.  I also like how this jersey combines two different era's, using elements from both their Might Duck days (main logo and hem stripe pattern) and their current identity (sleeve pattern, fonts, colours, and shoulder logo).  Once again though, I don't think this jersey should be promoted, as I don't think the Mighty Duck logo should return as the team's primary logo.

3.  Edmonton Oilers
The Oilers are another team that have found success (jersey wise) by using a bright colour as the main jersey colour.  The historical aspect of this jersey is also nice, especially since they kept unique details like the shoulder numbers and the overlapping collar.  Although it would have been even more accurate if they used a larger shoulder yoke, plus I think the shoulder numbers would look better in a larger yoke.

2.  Boston Bruins
I loved the Bruins' 2016 Winter Classic jersey as an outdoor game jersey, but I wasn't so sure I'd like it as a full-time third jersey.  Well, it turns out I do like it as a third jersey (as you could probably tell by its ranking).  I thought the logo might be too vintage for anything other than a Winter Classic game, but I've decided it works for a franchise as old as the Bruins.  I'm also not normally a fan of vintage white, but I don't mind it on this jersey.  The only thing I don't like is the brown in the logo, I think it should be black instead.

1.  Calgary Flames
I had Calgary at number 29 in my ranking of home and road jerseys, but their third jersey comes in at number one.  I love the bright colours of this jersey, they're especially fitting for a team called the Flames.  I like the history behind this jersey as well, the Flames wore this design for their first 14 years in Calgary (as well as seven years in Atlanta), and they won a Stanley Cup in this jersey back in 1989.  Hopefully this jersey gets promoted next year, and I'm not just saying that because of how bad their current jerseys are (although that's a factor as well).

What do you all think of these rankings?  Are there any jerseys you think I'm totally wrong about?  Who would you have as number one?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


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Team Latvia, by Mike F:
Mike starts us off today with a Latvia concept for his EA Sports series.  I like the two primary jerseys, the double stripes on the light jersey and single stripe on the dark jersey both look good.  Although, I think the colourful logo (Latvia's Coat of Arms) isn't a good fit, I prefer the maroon and silver version Latvia currently uses.  The logo fits better on the third jersey though, since blue was added to the jersey and equipment.  I also (surprisingly) like stripe-less sleeves on that jersey, it's an interesting and unique look.  Last of all, I love the vintage jersey.  The V design with the small logo looks great, and the name in the back stripe is perfect.
Rating: 8/10

New Jersey Devils, by Lucas D:
With the Devils set to get new jerseys next season, Lucas has created this concept which combines their current and former jerseys.  The end result looks good to me, I think the red jersey is especially nice, but the white jersey isn't bad either.  I'm also a fan of the square shoulder yokes, they make the jerseys feel a bit more modern.  There's only one change I'd suggest (and it's very minor), which is to use black collar inserts on both jerseys.
Rating: 8/10

San Jose Sharks (Identity Swap), by Lucas D:
After creating his Devils concept, Lucas took the design and used it to make a Sharks "Identity Swap" concept.  I do like the jerseys in this colour scheme as well, but the logo is the most impressive part of this concept.  As you can see it combines the letter S (and a subtle J if you look at it the right way), with a shark's fin and tail.  For the most part I think the logo is great, but the fin looks a bit forced to me (although I have no suggestions to improve it).  Also, I'd recommend shifting the S/tail/fin part of the logo a bit to the left, to even up the blank space within the circle.
Rating: 8/10

Team Canada, by Noah B:
Next up we have a Team Canada concept from Noah, which feels both familiar yet different (a good combination).  It's familiar because the striping pattern is close to their 2010 Olympic jerseys, just with bolder stripes and a yoke on the red jersey.  The logo is what makes it feel different, it's not necessarily the maple leaf shape you expect as a primary logo for Team Canada, but I think it's a great choice.  It gives this concept an old-school look, yet it's a look which I think would look good in any era.  I also like how black was kept to the equipment only.
Rating: 9/10

Chicago Cubs, by Chris W:
For our fifth and final concept, Chris has re-designed the Chicago Cubs as a hockey team.  The jerseys he has created combine both baseball and hockey aesthetics, with some unique (and positive) results.  I particularly like the pin-stripes on the home jersey, and the vintage "vest" look of the third jersey.  I'm also a fan of all the logo choices, and the Wrigley Field patch Chris designed is nice as well.  However, my favourite part of this concept is the "Let's Play Puck" hanger effect in the collars, I love little details like that.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!
Friday: NHL Uniform Countdown - Third Jerseys Reviewed by Steven Grant on February 17, 2017 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Mike F. for COTW

Unknown said...

I couldn't disagree more about the alts. Jackets and Wild are my fav jerseys in the NHL.

COTW nom to Noah's Canada concept

John E. said...

2nd Chris W's Cubs concept for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I personally wouldn't even rank the Oilers jersey because it's going to be their home jersey and it's already so great. The Colorado jersey doesn't seem to get the love it gets. Disagree on the Islanders jersey tho, it proved me wrong.

Mike F. for COTW again, the 89 jersey is brilliant

JulioC said...

I'll third Chris W.

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