Sunday: Icy Waves of Crimson

Hi everybody. Welcome to my first Sunday post. If you got the hint by the title, I'm bringing you the University of Alabama club hockey jerseys done by the boys at rebirth sports.

Two things to note here. 1. Nike better take notice of this because Rebirth took the Nike international template and did a better job with it than Nike and 2. this is the first time Rebirth has ever used the Nike style cut so it's a first for both ends. John Bierchen, the head coach at Alabama, stated that they went away from using the Coyotes' jerseys and decided to base the new uniforms off of the Juggernaut that is Alabama football, a great choice in my opinion.

While the design is a copy of the football team (yes they are using those helmets this year), I think that this is one of the better crossovers from football to hockey. Just ask Penn State hockey. The arm stripping not going all the way around is surprisingly more appealing than if it were to be in full. Also, that hem stripe works well to balance out the whole design with the "Script A" for Alabama on the front.  Overall score: Championship Worthy!

If you were wondering if these jerseys are for sale to the public, the best I can tell you is that at this time no, but they plan on it in the future. To that, I say hurry up with it because you will make a killing off of the sales, or as Phillip J Fry once said, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" Alabama hockey starts their season one September 9th against West Virginia University. Good luck to you Alabama hockey and Roll Tide!

 As Ryan stated yesterday, he hasn't had time to view the new writer applications for the Tuesday spot so no new Tuesday guy until next Tuesday. We have the COTW voting going on right now until Friday at noon as well as the COTW challenge voting. Also, we have a WCH poll going on write now so if you're board go ahead and do that as well.

COTW Aug 26 - Sept 1 vote (ends Friday, Sept 9 @ noon Eastern)
COTW Challenge Top 3 vote (ends Friday, Sept 9 @ noon Eastern)

Onto the Concepts!

Burkus Circus- KHL All-Star Game
 Positives: What really works for these jerseys is that one is more bold while the other is kind of safe, so giving a big contrast in an All-Star game would look really good in my opinion. Thank you for not taking the stripes through the numbers so they would be more visible on the white jersey. 
Negatives: Burkus, while I commend you on doing your jerseys on paper, your concepts would look so much better if you did them on the computer. Honestly, if you need help figuring out how to do it then just as one of us to help you. I know that I would be more than happy to help a fellow concept designer improve there skills.
Overall: 7/10

Jimmy Teed- Winnipeg Jets
Positives: A lot of improvement over the current design here. Changing the arm stripes to light blue for both jerseys and moving them closer looks more appealing in my opinion. Also, changing the bottom to white on the dark jersey and navy on the light jersey really looks good because it ties the striping together  with the arms and socks. Finally, the simple stripe on the pants really ties it all together.
Negatives: Why get rid of the laces on the collar? the current set looks really good with the laces on them and laces on this would improve an already improved designs. Also, that white collar isn't cutting it.
Overall: 8.75/10

Noah Balkovec- Dallas Stars  

Positives: It's nice that you put more emphasis on the white and green for the jerseys and leaving the black to the pants really looks nice on this much more simplified design. Getting rid of the different colored hem worked really well on the whole design.
Negatives: a few mistakes I see. Your shoulder numbers are too small and you didn't follow the rule of ones as I like to call it. That simply means that the numbers on the shoulders aren't actually equal to each other like numbers without ones.
Overall: 6.5/10

Rana Soliman- Pittsburgh Penguins 
Positives: Really liking the mixture of different time periods on this jersey. You have covered the elements of the Penguins' jerseys from the 60's all the way through the 80's. The Penguins should get a yellow Alternate when they are allowed to have one. It's only tradition and I can see something along the lines of this.
Negatives: Everything on this jersey is really working except the plain white striping on the yellow. I suggest adding some black into it so it will stand out more from a distance.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Vaughn Roberts- Team Europe (WCH) 
Positives: The much more traditional style jersey really works on this set. While I'm actually a fan of Team Europe's current jerseys, bringing in the the light blue (color deficient so I really don't know what that color really is) works really well overall.
Negatives: That white yoke on the dark jersey isn't necessary and the sleve numbers are just awkward where they are placed. fix that and you have a beauty.
Overall: 8/10

Vaughn Roberts- Team North America U-23 (WCH) 
Positives: All the simple stripping changes are beautiful. Enough said about the positives.
Negatives: Make the dark jersey numbers orange as well and bring back that pattern that Adidas used for the stripes. That was awesome looking.
Overall: 8.5/10

Well that's everything I have. I hope you guys liked my first Sunday post. Oh, and to clarify that I'm not being Biased on the Penguins' jersey. I choose it because Rana was able to combine different elements of the Penguins' jersey history and put it into a cohesive and clean looking concept that needed very little changes.
 While it is depressing that this post officially means that the weekend is over, I hope your week is positive and that you don't want to rip your hair out by the end of it. I'll send it over to Jets who will attempt to brighten your Monday with a great post. Bye everybody.
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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Is it just me or is there no voting box coming up for the COTW comptition vote page?

JJ Anderes said...

The voting box isn't up in the competition. So no Taylor's not the only one.

Unknown said...

Vaughn R Team Europe for COTW.

And you know why the Alabama jerseys work? Put them side by side with the Team Canada jerseys (IIHF, not World Cup). Identical striping, combined with the classic Alabama deep red and the stand-alone A logo, and none of that dopey black Canada uses. That's why it's a winner.

Bpoe said...

I'll second Rana for COTW.

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