Wednesday: The Return of the Blogger

A long time ago, in a galaxy closer than you think...


It is a rebirth of a blog, shuttered by malicious computer activity. With this activity, a new computer was brought forth in an attempt to save the blog from permanent disaster. This blog was known as hockeyjerseyconcepts.com. The computer brought life, energy and concepts to the Internet, as well as entertainment for readers before the malice. With this computer, mindless top 10 lists like last week's list were never to be the focus of a post ever again.


We have three things going on right now, in addition to our return to normalcy. Normal COTW vote is back. Normal Competition voting is back (International Outdoor Classic Comp). We have the COTW Competition to make up for the lack of a COTW vote from this past week.


COTW Aug 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
International Outdoor Classic Top 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Challenge entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)


Lucas D: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

Brooks F: Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Concept

Burkus Circus: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

Ryan C: Las Vegas Knights Concept

Taylor R: Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL) Concept

Phil B: New York Rangers Concept


Alan H: San Jose Sharks Concept

Alan merges together two eras of the Sharks here. The pre-Edge alternate takes on a new look as an Edge-cut, but with all other pre-edge template lines intact. This is slightly more than an Edge-ification of a concept, as he adds current logos and color for under the sleeve striping. Quality looking set, but with the helmet logo and shoulder logo you have two shades of black, so watch that.


Alan H: San Jose Sharks Alternate Concept

Ever wonder what a grey version of their pre-Edge jersey would look like? Well wonder no more because this is it, albeit with modern logos. The template makes the side panels look more of a darker grey than a black, so while it should be solid black, I won't hold that against you. That also explains the black arch on the back and not on the front. Your main set is better though. Same notes about the shades of black.


Burkus Circus: San Jose Sharks Hand-Drawn Concept

So I think I now know why there's no google account yet for Burkus Circus. But anyway, I'm happy that this hand drawn concept has templates, logos and numbers printed out before color was placed in here by hand. I'll judge your handiwork separate from the computer work. The teal's look like they are two different shades between the logo and numbers on the away jersey. Also the numbers look a little large. placement looks good between the logo and the template. In terms of hand drawings, What I will recommend is using a ruler. A ruler will help you create straighter lines for the stripes. I won't mention anything about template lines in relation to striping because it's virtually impossible to remove those by hand. The shade of teal used is much brighter than the logo's shade of teal, not sure what resources you have available to match the shades using crayons. Not bad for hand-drawn at all.


Chris W: Walther Christian Academy Broncos (SCC- Chicago Suburbs) Concept

I did a little bit of research about this team, and while the logo is a Denver Broncos recoloring, it's better than what I found on the site. There's no need for grey in this, and your design is exactly why. The striping is simple, yet unique. The alternate is beautiful, a nice old-school (no pun intended) look. Stunning, well executed and beautiful presentation. I've never been a fan of green (or red for that matter) as the spacing between stripes. I think it looks better as two bordering stripes.


Matt Mc: San Jose Sharks Concept

Seems like everyone is trying out concepts with that new logo set that was unveiled a few weeks ago. I don't blame them, it's a quality logo. Interesting to use orange in branding of the jersey but not at all elsewhere. Quality jersey but it doesn't stand out enough for me. That captain's patch is a diamond... why?


Zach R: Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Concept

Overall a simple jersey, basic design that fits their new darker color scheme. I like the lack of white here. But the real concept is the logo. It's a basic G with wings on both sides, as a nod to both the Red Wings and a griffin actually having wings, perfect branding for a minor league team, mind you. That G doesn't look like its in a font that demands respect as a quality logo, but the wings lift it up (pun sort-of/not really/totally intended). I just wish there was a thicker red and grey outline. It would make the jersey look that much better in terms of balancing along with the striping.


Zeke G: San Jose Sharks Concept

Remember what I said about the Sharks concept overload? Well here's another one with the new logo set. From a distance, it's almost impossible to see the grey used in the striping and trim of the teal jersey. White and light grey together is a no-no. I also think a black or teal collar for that jersey works better than white, because with that modern logo and the teal the Sharks use, it doesn't fit the vintage/classic look a white collar brings along with laces. Same for the black. Execution note: Since the backs of the jerseys are smaller than the front views, the shoulder logos also have to be resized properly, and they're too big on the back.


The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



It's good to be back. BPoe will probably agree with me tomorrow. See you next week for my last post before my trip to Orlando, Florida!

OH AND ONE MORE THING! NEW WRITER ALERT!! Because we all saw the last concept post from Caz who is stepping down. Steven M will be there on Sundays for you, so find out in 6 days who our new writer is!
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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Beware... It's coming... An onslaught...

POORLY EXECUTED HANDDRAWN CONCEPTS!!! *Screams of terror in background*

But seriously, I sent in about 9 concepts in one day, so if you have OCD...

Now it's time for everyone's favorite game...


Google Account: I hate my admin...
Away logo & numbers: I use Google Drive to do this stuff, so my color options are sorta limited. This is the closest I could get.
Large numbers: Yeah, that's a bad habit of mine... THE SCREEN IS SO SMALL!!!
Logos v template: Thank you.
Ruler: I am literally an idiot.
Stitching: Yeah...
Teal shade: I have a set of 24 color pencils, so it's either that, sky blue, navy blue, or blue. I though that would be best...
Rating & summary: Better than my Jets one did...

Up next: Team NA, Flyers 3rd, Feak-Out Friday NYR 3rd, USA vs Russia, KHL All-Star Game, Winter Classic, SC Stingrays Logo, and a Burkus Circus Original Series...

I think that's everything, except...


Alan John Herbert said...

Zeke G's San Jose Sharks Concept for COTW.

@Phil good eye on my logos I had a hard time sizing them to small size without losing it's colors.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Zeke G. for COTW

JulioC said...

I'll second Chris W.'s concept

Caz said...

Reactions on the Flyers 50th Anniversary jersey?

Personally, it's a bit dull, other than the copious amounts of gold, which clashes with the Flyers' shade of orange. It's driving me crazy.

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