Saturday: Canada and the Jets

The winner of the COTW for the final week of July, 22-28 is Lucas D!

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This is Lucas' 2nd COTW win in a row. That makes it a very interesting monthly vote coming up with only two different artists occupying the four spots in the vote. Congrats to Lucas on his winning Jets designs. He has another Jets design in this week's COTW vote. It will be intriguing to see if the same artist can win with the same team in back-to-back weeks.


With the final COTW vote from July decided we can now hold the COTW-July vote. The entrants are listed on the side of the page in the red poll. You can click the link in that poll or go to the COTY 2016 page to see the concepts. The poll will appear to those logged into a Google account and will end on Friday at noon Eastern.

The new COTW nominees have also been posted. That's the black poll on the side of the page. To see the concepts, follow the same procedure as above except you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting also ends on Friday at noon for this one.


We had 12 entries come in for the 365 Club Competition. That makes the vote a Top 4 vote. The winner of the competition will move into next week's COTW vote. This practice has proved very successful as many comp winners have gone on to win COTW. Go to the CLUB 365 tab or click the velvet banner at the top of the page to see the entries and to place your votes. Voting is open to those signed into their Google account and will close on Friday at noon Eastern.


As announced last week, J3 won the HJC Open. I have tried to contact you J3 twice to see if you want your championship banner. Consider this my final attempt to contact you. Please send me a shipping address that you would like the banner sent to. If you do not want to share a shipping address that is fine, I completely understand. Please contact me and we can work out another prize for winning.


Steven wrote about it yesterday, but we saw what the Jets and Oilers will wear for the 2016 Heritage Classic.

Images via Reebok Twitter
I love the Jets sweater! I want to buy it when it becomes available. I really appreciate how accurate it is to the Jets' WHA championship years (78-79 excluded, see pants).
The Oilers decided to wear the orange sweater that we saw a few times last year. It's a fine decision and a fine jersey. I can't really complain about that. If I were in that position I might have changed up the logo a little bit just for the Heritage Classic. Thoughts?

Here's a chance for you guys to decide who will look better at the Heritage Classic. Try to remove to novelty of the Jets jersey because it's new. Look at each jersey individually and decide who looks better. Results will be posted next week on the Saturday post.


Last week I asked everyone which incarnation of the Nordiques' sweaters looked best. The early WHA days or the classic NHL days? The result is below:

The result is not surprising, but I did think the WHA sweaters would get a little more love. Look for more of these types of polls every Saturday. It's an effort to give you guys a little bit of new content on my posts and to keep you coming back.


Another jersey release this past week went a little under the radar. That was Hockey Canada releasing new jerseys.

I didn't know black was featured so prominently on the Canadian flag...oh wait it's nowhere to be seen on the Canadian flag! This issue produces two distinct groups, one which loathes this idea (count me in) and one which embraces it. Black as a trim or third colour is agreeable, but our colours are red and white!

I like the elements of the jerseys and I really, really like the maple leaves in those elements! The gold trim on the logo is bold, but when you're the best you should boast as such until someone dethrones you. Right now the Kansas City Royals wear a World Champions patch and have been all year and I'm totally cool with that kind of thing. When you win, you've earned it.

Back to the Canadian jerseys, it seems like Hockey Canada and the Toronto Maple Leafs have the same ideas when it comes to jersey design as they have had extremely similar designs for the past 8 years. Too bad the Leafs didn't get a sneak peek at Canada's jerseys. They could have learned how to properly execute two arm stripes and one hem stripe!

I give the new Hockey Canada jerseys an 8 out of 10. Below I've done a quick mock-up of what would have gotten them to a 9.5 out of 10.

Below is a neat video from Hockey Canada of the production of the sweater. It doesn't show a whole lot, but the sublimated leaf print is interesting.


- It would be cool to see Brian Elliot wear a Mike Vernon retro mask now that he's on the Flames. Or Jeff Reese, just because he's my favourite goalie of all-time. Yes, that's weird.

- I love that Jets96 made mention of Jeff Reese in one of his comments a couple of weeks ago.

- I'm still not interested in the World Cup, but I keep bothering my wife to try and get tickets because the company she works for is trying to become a big sponsor of the event.

-  Perhaps part of the reasoning for the Jets using a white jersey in the Heritage Classic is so that they can release the blue version as an alternate for 2017-18 ?


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winnipegjets96 said...

My vote for Brian Elliot's mask if he choses to go vintage would be to Freddie Brathwaite http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/sep-1999-fred-brathwaite-of-the-calgary-flames-looks-for-the-puck-picture-id497234

I've already found World Cup of Hockey fake jerseys on eBay already and at first I thought the WCH thing in the collar was fake but judging by the Sportsnet ads they're a part of at least the fan jerseys. I'm rooting for U-23 simply because better jerseys

Unknown said...

I'm not 100% sure about this but judging from the pictures the Jets Heritage classic uses a "Blackhawks Away striping" even though the jerseys they are modeled after used more of a "Bruins striping".

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