Wednesday: Now You Can Hate The Rangers Too!

It's not exactly a secret for which team I like, and therefore which ones I don't like. But now it's easier to hate the Rangers. Well, at least their graphic design team.

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Look, the Rangers have had some nice anniversary logos, especially the 85th Anniversary. I can understand trying to be clever, classy and simple with your design. While the font of the 9 and the "EST. 1926" portion of the logo go well with the script of the original Rangers logo, it's very hard to use that logo as a zero. I find this very lackluster, and something I could've done in MS Paint. I'd take a roundel logo over this any day. Very disappointing, and rating of 53%

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Bradley D: Chicago Wolves (AHL) Concept

The biggest part of this concept is the toned down wolf-head logo. While it is surely an improvement over the current mess of a logo, I'm not sure if the job is fully done. I still think that logo is missing something to become truly spectacular. It does work better on the white jersey, so maybe a thicker outline on the dark jersey? Maybe no outline at all? As for the striping, it is very clean, with some nice detail on the shoulders. However for consistency all around, some more black is needed, even if just for trim. I'm indifferent about the affiliation patch on the shoulders, the Wolves haven't has one as far as I can remember, but it's also the AHL. Alternate logo shoulder patch overlaps the shoulder striping.

Nothing clever this week from me, rating: 81%

Bradley D: Chicago Wolves (AHL) Alternate Concept

Similar notes from before, Shoulder patch is overlapping the striping, as are the TV numbers this time. Clean script logo that works much better with the jersey. The full sleeve pattern is a nice look mixing the Senators EDGE look with a more traditional full sleeve pattern, blended perfectly together. Only other thing I would do is make the helmet white, since its rare in the NHL and AHL to see dark helmets with white jerseys. While there are exceptions to that, this should not be one of them, in my opinion

Rating: 82%

David G: Las Vegas Knights Concept

I do like the concept of this logo. A diamond shield with a club helps with the Las Vegas identity, while the swords behind it make it look like more of a medieval crest, perfect for a team called "Knights". With that logo, however, the black used in the logo must be consistent with the black used in the jersey. While the font is pretty cool, I am not sure if it would look good on an NHL jersey. I would have to see other numbers in the system to make that decision. Speaking of seeing other numbers, I absolutely have to see them on the sleeves. The striping patter is interesting for sure, because I don't exact;y know what to make of it. Unconventional for sure, one that I think could work if you 1) drop the blots on the shoulders and 2) calm the socks down.

Rating: 67%

Kevin B: Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) Crossover Concept

The Jays have one of the best looks in baseball right now. Thank goodness they got rid of their previous look. Kevin tries to play off a double blue in this jersey, and the two shades are not that distinct from each other to do that. At least you chose the better blue to dominate with. The sleeves are a nice ode to Canada since they are the only Canadian franchise in MLB (RIP Montreal Expos, please come back soon). Execution note: Stitching ends at the hem stripes.

Rating: 77%

Lucas D: WHA Night Concept - Ottawa vs Winnipeg

I like the modernization you have done to the old WHA logos to bring them to the NHL level. What I don't like is the color balance. Look at how the black dominates the Sens/Nats jersey while boasting a mostly red logo. Likewise, look at how the white dominates the Jets jersey with a mostly red logo. Execution is flawless as usual from you, but these jerseys aren't pleasing in color.

Rating: 79%

Lucas D: WHA Night Concept II - Ottawa vs Winnipeg

Now this one is MUCH better on the Jets end of things. While the Jets never used that logo in the WHA, it is more pleasing to the eye with white dominating that blue jersey. Same review from Ottawa, since nothing changed.

Rating: 81%

Lucas D: Winnipeg Jets Concept

And now we take that Jets jersey, change the name and number to one away from Monday's writer, and add a matching white jersey that relies on the blue to give it life, with red trim of course. Balanced perfectly. Clean, executed to perfection, and we have ourselves a nice simple set the Jets can't go wrong in.

Rating: 87%

Tyler M-S: Toronto Maple Leafs Concept

Now we go to Toronto again, but actually hockey and not baseball. Although I do appreciate a quality crossover, as I have done several myself. Anyways, We go back to basics for Toronto. Here we have a look that we have seen with their previous alternates, boosted by the new logo and some flair on the shoulders. The yoke has a miniature version of the striping pattern we see throughout the jersey, and while on the Original 6 front, this is more of a look we would see in Manhattan, that doesn't mean it can't work here. Because it does. While I will miss the triple sock striping, the Leafs ditched them this year so I'm OK with you not having them. The only execution notes I will add are the Adidas logo touching the striping, and the numbers touching the template lines, it needs some space because otherwise, you are insinuating that the numbers are touching each other and I'm sure you don't want that.

Rating: 89%

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



So that will wrap up another week for me, hopefully more logo news will come out by next Wednesday, and maybe a development on either the heritage jersey program or any sort of AHL relocation. But until then, I'm bailin' out. Bye!
Wednesday: Now You Can Hate The Rangers Too! Reviewed by Unknown on July 20, 2016 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

Just to clarify, I mistakenly sent in two stages of my WHA Night Concept, at different times. And the Jets jersey was lazily copied from the defunct Jets concept that I'd sent in earlier. Aaand, they're all posted on the same day...
Guess Ryan likes to have his fun one in a while...

Unknown said...

I'll second Tyler's nomination

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