Monday: Jerseys Achived Perfection in 1974, Everyone Knows That

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Jersey/Logo news: No Las Vegas logos yet!

We are waiting for the inevitable Las Vegas name/logo announcement of the name (Black) Knights, with a possible other name being chosen unlikely. The biggest factor holding the Vegas team back from announcing anything is trademarking issues, likely since West Point has the Black Knights name and coming up with an original logo without borrowing from Army, London or the AAA baseball Charlotte Knights may prove difficult. Those are the best knight logos I can think of, the Charlotte team going as far as to have silver, black, white and Vegasish gold as their current colour scheme. That isn't to say that the team will be unoriginal, but I think they are taking special measures to be original and have a great identity. I have high hopes for this team, as they will be the first blank slate in the NHL since the Blue Jackets & Wild entered the league, or when the Moose were threatened as the name of the Jets (glad they kept the name for the AHL).

Photo from torontosun.com
Photo from torontosun.com

The Winnipeg Jets did something a couple days ago many thought they had done in 2011, bought the rights to the original Jets franchise's logos. That means that the Jets can now have all those beautiful fauxbacks we have been hoping for since day one. The 1990-1996 logo is the best in NHL history and seeing those jerseys in edge cut would be beautiful, though I am a big fan of the current Jets logos/jerseys. That being said I think we all know why the Jets are doing this. HERITAGE CLASSIC. With 4 major looks the Jets can go with, my vote is for their WHA jerseys or 80s jerseys. The original WHA jerseys inspired their current script, and next set brought us the 80s logo on a recolour Blackhawks jersey for the Golden Jet, white yoke include, and then the 80s jerseys, while the teams were less than great, looked good while doing it. The Oilers are likely to wear their white jerseys from 1972 with the orange yokes (Think Jacques Plante on the Oilers era). They may opt for the orange logo WHA jerseys, but it'd be too similar to what they wear now. Of course this could all be wrong and they go further back in hockey history.

The Final Four is set for the HJC Open. The biggest upset (in terms of seeding) was Brendan P. moving on in a very close match up. Matt M. is always bringing his A game, but Brendan's simple Caps/Pens crossover really was in my opinion, a show stealer and a break out concept for him. Entries in the next round are due Tuesday at 5pm EST.

In other site news the 2nd Quarter vote is on! The best of April/May/June go head to head in an new AHL centric theme with 2/3 of the concepts AHL teams that will play their first games this coming season. COTW also resets for the week, we got 5 concepts to choose from and all varied and unique.

HJC Open Semi-Final entries (due Tuesday @ noon Eastern)
2nd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW July 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On with today's concepts!


Atlanta Gladiators ECHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

A little mini rant before we begin about the Atlanta Gladiators...and I get that they wanted the team to represent a larger market but the Gladiators still play in Duluth (the team never played "in" Atlanta but in Gwinnett county), use the same logos and everything. I get they couldn't use the Thrashers name or Flames name but SOMETHING original would have been nice. Imagine if the Wranglers were called the Clark Wranglers and played in Boulder City and suddenly changed their name to Las Vegas one year? It'd be weird ad seem kind of lazy.

+ Switching the Glads' main colour from black to red was great move imo, takes the team out of 2009
+ The jerseys are an angled variation on the old Sens pre-edge jerseys and they work well
+ Recoloured logo looks great
+ Good execution

- I would have preferred the G shield on the shoulders and/or pants to the head logo
- The red/black should be swapped on the white jersey's striping 
- Striping could also use some of the muted bronze/gold colour in it

Rating: 8.25/10

Original Six Night Toronto V. Detroit Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Arched script above the Red Wings logo has always looked fantastic and does so here
+ Cougars v. Arenas/Blueshirts is a good matchup choice here, despite the 10 year difference between the original teams they both match each other decently
+ Both jerseys are accurate but translate well to a modern jersey
+ Great execution 

- Hem stripe on the Detroit jersey would look better higher up and slightly thicker
- I need to know if the teams are wearing canvas/brown gear or not!
- The Arenas, while classic early NHL had PLAIN jerseys and a plainer logo in 1918. The 1919 Arenas had a more interesting jersey and logo. I get why you opted for the striping being form 1918 since the 1919 is similar to the Cougars' 1928 jerseys, but going with the 1919 Arenas logo is the best option to spice things up 

Rating: 9/10

Las Vegas Aces Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ Love the should scheme, the red really works with Vegas Gold 
+ Angled striping patches the V nicely
+ Rest of the jersey is fairly simple, but it works, the blank hem actually works in favour of the logo

- If you want to put a square yoke on the jerseys, you have to change the shape of stitching as well
- Distance between the NOB and numbers is too great and the numbers on the white jersey look larger than the ones of the black jersey on the back and off centre
- Shoulder patch?
- Aces won't happen as Foley and the NHL

Rating 7.5/10

Second Six Night Los Angeles V. St. Louis Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+ Blues jersey is a modified version of the original white jerseys with striping to match the yoke striping instead of a simpler pattern, it's an improvement on the original
+ Kings jerseys are like a mix of the Kings' first 3 jerseys, which on paper I would have thought wouldn't look good but I'm impressed with it, the thin numbers surprisingly work really well
+Great execution

- Not a huge fan of the white collar on the Kings jersey
- NON on the Kings jersey is too thin for my taste
- Again, this series would benefit greatly from gear being shown

Rating: 8.75/10

Colorado Eagles ECHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ I have to give Ryan credit with experimenting with their St. Patrick's day jerseys and trying to make a set out of them. i like the Eagles current logo but it looks REALLY sharp in that green
+ Colours are well laid out and each colour is used a lot on each jersey
+ Great execution
+ The primary logo would make an excellent shoulder patch

- That being said the current primary in green would make a MUCH better primary
- The one colour numbers don't really work for me, they aren't bad but with all the colour in the striping it all just stops at the numbers
- Pants need a white stripe in them, maybe a tan one

Rating: 8.75/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ Since day one on this blog I've said any Florida team should be bright and colourful, whether it's the Lightning, Panthers, Solar Bears or Everblades
+ Good colour lay out and logo choices, the new shoulder patch is really growing on me
+ Good execution

-NOB is much too large for any game indoors not throwing back to the New York Americans from 1926 or an outdoor game
- Collars would look better in either their jerseys' colour or red on both  jerseys
- Would prefer the customs font used on the current jerseys to this font chosen here

Rating: 8.25/10


That's the post!
Get ready for the HJC Open Semi Finals and vote for COTW/COTY Q2 Vote 
Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads!
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